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Report # 1259  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Adam A. on Thursday, December 3, 1998.
While hunting small game, witness gets a glimpse of "the hairy man"
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YEAR: In the 1980's


MONTH: November

STATE: Alaska

COUNTY: Kenai-Cook Inlet County

LOCATION DETAILS: Skilak Lake Road by Skilak Lake Road in Kenai Peninsula off of the main highway back in the woods.

OBSERVED: This is just a report from a native that said he saw a hairy person about 6 to 7 feet tall, all hairy, casually walking across the dirt road by Skilak Lake. It looked at him and stopped on the road and appeared surprised. Then it took off into the woods swiftly. He said it was very agile and quick. He was about 275 to 300 yards away. There was no snow on the ground yet. He said they looked at each other for a bit and he loaded his single shot shotgun cause he didn't know if it was friendly or not. He was going to run and tell the authorities but he didn't saying that they wouldn't believe him. He was very serious as he was telling the story. I know the man, he is a strong Christian. That was probably about late October or early November. This place is near Sterling, Alaska. The location is full of spruce forest. I've been in there, it's secluded from the main highway and full of forest and lakes and mountains.

OTHER WITNESSES: The man was hunting small game and riding around to kill time when he saw it.

OTHER STORIES: He didn't want to tell us first but we told him that we know him personally and he told us. This is my first time of someone telling me from this particular area. I haven't heard of any others.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was still alot of daylight so he got to see a good glimpse of the hairy man as he calls it.

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