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Report # 12917  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, October 28, 2005.
Vehicle passenger's daylight sighting near Hiouchi
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YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: October 25, 1979

STATE: California

COUNTY: Del Norte County

LOCATION DETAILS: There is a small concrete bridge just off Hwy 199 at Hiouchi which is between the Oregon Tunnel and Crescent City,CA. If you are travelling north on 199 going towards Oregon the bridge and road would be to your right.This paved road goes for many miles south of the Hwy. I heard some people refer to this road as the road which was supposed to have been made into a super highway.I think they were just putting me on about that.

NEAREST TOWN: Hiouchi is not really a town,so Crescent City would be closer.

NEAREST ROAD: HWY.199/Redwood Hwy.

OBSERVED: I had a visual experience in 1979 in which I was camping about 20+ miles out of Hiouchi,CA in Del Norte County. I was traveling as a passenger with a local resident who was making a trip to Crescent City to go grocery shopping. It was @ 11:00 a.m., a bright sunny morning. As I rode along, the lady giving me a ride into town told me to look out my window to the right. I looked to see what she was talking about and I saw a very large hairy creature walking across a wide, dried up creekbed.There were no trees or anything blocking my view. It was a wide open expanse.

I did not see its face because I was seeing it from the side. I only saw it on its right side. It was headed in the opposite direction that we were going. To our left I distinctly remember a "watch out for falling rock sign." I do not know the area there well. I was only camping there for a few days on my way back from Topanga Canyon in L.A. to Oregon where I lived in the Cave Junction area.

I will never forget what it looked like. It had long darkish brown hair that covered its entire body. It also had a pronounced crown in the shape of the top of his head. It looked extremely muscular. I was at least 500'away and I'm not real good at judging height anyways, so I don't know how tall it was.

It walked with ease across a rocky creekbed. It seemed to ignore or be unaware of our car's presence on the road. We were probably traveling about 30 mph when it happened.

My friend told me she sees them all the time out there near her home, so it was just a normal thing for her.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: @11:00 a.m./a bright morning/cold otherwise/no precipitation/just a cold clear morning-crisp air.

ENVIRONMENT: Just lots of trees,mainly conifers like fir,some pine.This area is alot like where I live in Oregon. Some hardwoods like oak and madrone. It's really not that far from the Oregon border, especially as a crow flies.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jimbo Fay:


About BFRO Investigator Jimbo Fay:

Jim "Bobo" Fay is well known and well liked BF investigator in the north coast redwoods region (from Sonoma thru Oregon Coast, inland to Bluff Creek and Marble Mts.). He supports his BF investigations through jobs like crab fishing and logging. He was one of the notorious roadies with the rock band Sublime. Before that he was at Humboldt State University where he majored in Political Science.

BFRO Expeditions that Bobo has attended: California 04 (Redwoods - Bald Hills), Washington (Oly Pen -1), New Mexico (Jicarilla Apache), Washington (Oly Pen -3), California 03/05 (Redwoods - Coastal), California 05/05 (Redwoods - Coastal), California 03/06 (Redwoods - Coastal)

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