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Report # 13033  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 11, 2005.
Local hunter hears multiple screams after dark outside Sundance
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YEAR: 1998


MONTH: November


STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Crook County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Sundance Wyoming east on I-90 take Moskie Road county 207 to Grand Canyon Road north to Williams Gulch Road.


NEAREST ROAD: Williams Gulch Road FS

OBSERVED: It was the second day of deer season and I was going to try my luck in the Black Hills. It's the last chance hunt in this part of Wyoming for deer. There was a good snow a few days before. I had an old 64 Ford van and I put a shanty heater in it though the roof vent. I drove down Grand Canyon Road to Williams Gulch. I had to shovel out an area to park the van. I didn't go up the Williams road because the van was only two wheel drive and didn't want to get stuck in the snow.
I parked where Grand Canyon and Williams Gulch road met. I got fire wood that day and hunted up the ridges. I had my dog with me and got ready to spend the night. I ate something and sat in the van enjoying the wood heat. The wood stove was doing its job all to well and had to open a side window on the van. Soon after I heard a strange screaming noise outside. I still had my boots on so I went out the back doors of the van to hear it again. I grew up in upper Michigan and been in the woods all my life camping hunting etc. This was something I never heard before.
It sounded like a WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA that lasted for about 20 seconds. If you hear something that long it sounds like it last forever. It seemed to be some ways away and when it stopped you could hear echo off the ridges. What had me frightened was the volume of it. Whatever made it had on hell of a lung capacity. Afterwards my dog would not come out of the van. It screamed about four or five times. that night I just laid there on the cot wondering what the hell it was. The next day I didn't see one deer and that in its self is strange for the Black Hills. I don't know what I heard and I'm the type of person that only believes what I see bigfoot ufo etc. There is nothing in North America that I know of that makes a sound like that. To me it's an unexplained scream but it's been bugging me for years.

ALSO NOTICED: Lack of Game


OTHER STORIES: Years later my brother heard screams where the Grand Canyon Road meets the Sand Creek bridge.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: just after dark 6:00-7:00 PM

ENVIRONMENT: Black Hills pine ridges flat grass bottoms aspen and small oaks.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brooke Raser:

This witness is a long time outdoorsman and heard mutliple sounds over the course of 30 minutes. He could not indentify the sound that was heard of any animal that he had observed before. His account was credible and he frequently searches for any signs that he might encounter. He is probing at all times for any signs that he comes across and will inform us upon any new sign. More to come from this area.
Brooke Raser

About BFRO Investigator Brooke Raser:

Brooke is a PA native who has spent most of his life in the Rocky Mountain Region, and participated in the Colorado '05 and Washington '06 Expeditions. He organized Wyoming Expedition 2008 which included a class A encounter, followed by a class A encounter at Colorado Expedition 2008. Currently he is organizing the upcoming Wyoming Expedition 2009. His interest of Sasquatch began as a boy with his Father reading the "Classics" to him on the porch at night.

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