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Report # 1332  (Class A)
Submitted on Thursday, January 1, 1998.
newspaper article about a sighting by a jogger. Later, a sherif deputy found a track at the scene of the incident.
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YEAR: 1977


MONTH: November

DATE: 25

STATE: Kansas

COUNTY: Montgomery County

OBSERVED: Newspaper article : Daily Reporter (Independence, Kansas), November 25, 1977


Thanksgiving day, 1977. John Mark Breeze, while returning from jogging around 10:30 p.m., heard a noise in the bushes, ran up the hill to his house, turned around and saw a bigfoot running along the road. The bigfoot went over a barbed wire fence without much effort and disappeared into a field. Later Deputy Dwight Posey found an track one and a half feet long, seven inches wide, and shaped like a foot. It was too deep in the gravel for him to duplicate with his shoes. John said the creature was between 6-8 feet tall, had a 3 foot shoulder span, no neck, and dangling arms.

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