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Report # 1341  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Deonka Bridgewater on Sunday, March 1, 1998.
Family witness a large, hair covered creature eating food from their garden.
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YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Mississippi

COUNTY: Hancock County

LOCATION DETAILS: Perlington, Mississippi near Pearl River.
Lat/Long: 30:14:47 N 089:36:40 W

OBSERVED: I lived in Mississippi when I was a child. I was about six years old when this occurred. I was asleep in my bedroom one night on the second floor of our home when the neighbor's dog began barking wildly at something in the yard. It made such that my siblings and I finally got out of bed to see what the commotion was all about. Looking down from our window we saw something in the garden which was right next to the house. There was only natural light, but the thing was only about twenty or thirty feet away and I can still remember it vividly. It was squatting down eating the vegetables from the plants there. I could even hear it eating from where I stood. A moment later we all screamed in surprise and shock at what we saw. It looked up at us and kept right on eating. I remember that, by its mannerism, it had no fear of us what-so-ever and made no attempt to leave the area or hide in any way. What I remember was a creature that was built like a human being. I can't say exactly how big it was, but I know it was bigger than the average person. It was covered all over with dark, shaggy, brown hair and when it looked up at us as we stood in the window its eyes glowed white in the darkness. Eventually my Grandfather woke up and saw it, too. He went out the side door with his gun and fired up into the air. We continued to watch out of the window and then saw the creature stand up and run off on two legs into the woods toward the river. I remember it ran so fast that I could hardly believe it. The next morning we found very large human-like footprints in the garden. I had never seen anything like that before and never have since.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing unusual was seen or heard before or after the incident.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were all asleep, late at night

ENVIRONMENT: Rural area, heavily wooded. We had two neighbors, but the population there was thin. Our property was very near the Pearl River.

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