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Report # 1354  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, September 6, 1997.
Sighting by a motorist
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YEAR: 1997


MONTH: September


STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Douglas County

LOCATION DETAILS: Colorado, Douglas County, Town: 1 mile west of Sedalia on highway 67. .25 mile southwest of County highway 105.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 67

OBSERVED: At 5:30 A.M. on September 2, 1997, I was traveling east on Highway 67, after I stopped to pick up my newspaper from our box on Hwy. 67, I was traveling at a slow rate of speed since I just started up after stopping for my newspaper when I observed in my headlights a large, black object run from the north side of Highway 67, across in front of my vehicle, and went up an incline on the south side of Highway 67.

In my opinion, it was not a bear, elk, deer, cow or any other four legged animal as it was running on two legs with arms about two feet from the ground. It ran at a very rapid rate of speed and when it crossed in front of me it peered over it's right shoulder which was curved and humped over. It continued it's stride while keeping eye contact.

I know I never saw anything like this and I lived in this area for twenty-nine years and never saw anything like this. I was very frightened and do not know what this creature was.

OTHER WITNESSES: I had just picked up my newspaper on Highway 67, Sedalia, Colorado, and was heading to work east on Highway 67.

ENVIRONMENT: There is a creek just 500 yards from where I observed this creature. There are many scrub oaks and undeveloped land in this area. The terrain varies as the highway is level but to the south, the direction it headed has an incline with scattered scrub oaks and some open valley space.

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