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Report # 13721  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 1, 2006.
Possible vocalizations near Indianola
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YEAR: 2005


MONTH: September

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kitsap County

LOCATION DETAILS: [Address removed]

NEAREST TOWN: indianola


OBSERVED: hi i am 13,
i live in the country kinda in the woods.
about a year ago, my mom and her partner were coming in from our hot tub. when my dog just started going crazy at the sound of this bird.
we then after realized that is wasnt a bird but 2 "things" like chirp/calling to eacother and moving to.
then we heard this very very scary howling ill try to make the sound waves: ......::::::::..............::::::::::............:::::::::::.
it kept happening for like 5 minutes then it just stoped with like 3 "chirps" there is a site i went 2 that night go there and clik on sounds 1rst go to "sierra growl" and at the very very end of that theres like this chirping thats what we heard first then go to puallyup screamer and thats EXACTLY what we heard for 5 minutes!!!

ALSO NOTICED: i was 2 scared to go back there after iot happened.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 and my dog

OTHER STORIES: yes about 7 months ago we heard the screams.

there are a few other incidents on is a few years back when i was going to school my mom told me that there was a newspaper article (local) about one being sighted about 1 mile away from us at the indianola church camp the only thing i remember is the guy said he heard screaming and saw it in a tree.

the other was this caretaker of the land behind us has claimed to seen them many times while walking back there.
(my next door nbeighbor has a sketch the native man drew if i could fax or something)

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 8:30 dark kinda overcast

ENVIRONMENT: we have about 15 acres of indian rez behind us. but it is undeveloped.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Von Lossow:

After speaking with the witness and his mother, both of whom heard the vocalizations, the following can be added.

The sounds originated no more than 100 yards from their yard.

High whoops finishing in low guttural sounds at first. Also some chirping and shrill, high-pitched whistling type sounds.

Each series of loud calls was answered by a different set of calls further away. The adult witness said "There was a tone of conversation in some of the vocals."

A few weeks later the pair again heard similar sounds just outside the boundary of their yard in the early evening hours.

The family's normally brave dog would not leave the porch during these episodes.

Tie in Report:
Report #7441

About BFRO Investigator Jim Von Lossow:

Small Business Owner
Special Interest in Field Sound Recording
Attended the Washington (Oly Pen -2) expedition.

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