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Report # 13729  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Witness on Friday, February 3, 2006.
Logging crew has daytime sighting
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YEAR: 1974


MONTH: November

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Curry County

LOCATION DETAILS: This sighting occured near an area East and between Gold Beach and Brookings called the Stackyards, aka. Devils Stackyards ( I wonder how that name came about). The area is on the N. side of Pistol River. I don't remember the name of the timber sale we were logging. If I remember right though, the prairie where the sighting took place is called Miller Prairie. Sorry it's been a few years.


NEAREST ROAD: N. Bank Chetco, F.S. 1407, 220 spur

OBSERVED: My brother, myself, and two other men were working at a cable logging site decking logs on Forest Service land N.N.E. of Brookings, OR.

My brother (riggin' slinger) and one of the other fellows (hook tender) were working in the rigging. Myself (chaser) and the other fellow (yarder engineer) were working the landing. Communications between the landing and brush were via hand held walkie talkie.

The guys in the brush spotted something moving across a prairie about 2500 ft. across the canyon from the yarder. They thought it might have been an elk but weren't sure. After telling the yarder engineer about it and asking what he thought it was, the engineer had me get a rifle w/scope out of the crummy so as to have a better look.

Both the yarder engineer and I took turns looking at this creature through the rifle scope for approx. 15 minutes. We both came to the conclusion that the creature was not a bear, elk, deer or any of the commonly known big game animals that habit these woods around here.

The creature was definitely walking upright and on two legs. It had broad shoulders, reddish brown coloured hair, and didn't seem to be in a big hurry gettin to where it was goin. I could see it's arms swinging as it walked and seemed to have a pointed or conical shaped head. I could't distinguish the facial features as it was just too far away. The creature was headed in a E.N.E. direction from us quartering up the hill across the prairie towards the ridge of the hill. We watched the creature until it disappeared over the ridge it was headed towards.

On our way home after work we debated what the creature was and concluded that it was a bigfoot.
The boys in the brush said that they had the feeling that they were being watched for a couple of days and the hook tender mentioned that he had heard noises like sticks breaking and something walking in the brush while he was working at his duties in the back end of the unit. At the time when he heard the noises he just passed it off as a bear or other game animal. He never mentioned anything of strange odours or the like.

ALSO NOTICED: No tracks, odours, hair. One witness heard noises (sticks breaking and something moving through brush)in forest at back end of logging unit.

OTHER WITNESSES: Four witnesses. Two witnesses working the riggin' on a logging site. Two other witnesses working the landing on the same logging site.

OTHER STORIES: Several reports in Brookings-Gold Beach area in past 30 years or so.

One of my sons friends brought over a photo of a large track w/toes in snow he found before Christmas 2005.

My goods friends' 12 year old grandson says he saw a bigfoot step over a guardrail just a couple of nights ago. I haven't had a chance to talk to the lad yet but I will soon.

I also had an incident happen to me back in the '80's while hunting deer.

I never got a visual of the critter but heard heavy brush crashing made by something running on two feet. What was really strange about it was that whatever it was made a really loud vocalization. It sounded like a monkey, a really loud one. I heard a similar vocalization on one of the other bigfoot websites( don't remember which site and yes it did make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I heard the recording). I've been hunting these woods for a very long time and have heard every game animals vocalization at one time or another and it was not from anything that I had heard before. What ever it was made the vocalization as it was running through heavy timber and thick underbrush.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The sighting occured in early afternoon or late morning.

The sky was overcast w/sun breaks but not raining.

ENVIRONMENT: Grassy praire surrounded by mostly old growth Doug Fir and Tan Oak forest about 800 ft. to 900 ft. elevation near the ridge.

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