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Report # 13768  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 8, 2006.
Possible sighting at night by bowhunters near Crooked Creek outside Dubois
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YEAR: 1997


MONTH: August

DATE: 19th

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Clark County

LOCATION DETAILS: there is a dirt road leeding to some warm springs,creek bottom with large cotton wood trees and willows

NEAREST TOWN: dubois idahos

NEAREST ROAD: crooked creek

OBSERVED: I have spent many hours hunting in the western US. I don't spook easy. I always hunt until dark and walk out at night. I have seen and shot most big game animals. I know their tracks and their vocal sounds.

I was bow hunting with a friend near Crooked Creek. We decided to camp at an old warm springs are where we could wash up. We hit the sack at about 10 p.m. We were in the bed of my pickup talking. It was a bright, full moon. You could see 80 to 100 yards with the bright moon. My buddy rose up and started looking and said there is somebody behind that cottonwood tree. I said, ya right. He said no I'm serious. Then I could tell he was. I rose up and about 20 yards away I seen somebody or something look out from behind this cottonwood tree.

The only weapon we had was a bow and arrow and I didnt feel real safe. I said real loud grab your GUN and then I repeated weve got GUNS.

The two legged creature peeked out from behind the tree and then ran 10 feet over to the next cottonwood tree and hid behind it. I knew there was no people camped within miles and nobody was that stupid to mess with hunters with guns. We both jumped from the pickup bed threw our coolers in and drove 25 miles to sleep the rest of the night.
I decided to tell you of this sigting when I read about the other clark county sighting which was a month earlier and only 8 miles from this location.

OTHER WITNESSES: my good friend and hunting partner

OTHER STORIES: yes, i told my best friend wich also hunts in the same area and he and his brothers had an encounter very simular to ours in the same place a few years earlier.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: approximately 1 a.m.

ENVIRONMENT: creek botton in cotton wood trees

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Nancy L. Jones:

I spoke with the witness. There are not many other details to add. He emphasized that the animal watching them was large and bipedal and moved with a very long stride.

Here is a link to the other report he mentions -- 1997 Clark County, Report #11070.

About BFRO Investigator Nancy L. Jones:

Nancy L. Jones is an M.B.A., presently doing occasional special projects for her husband's business and being a full-time mom. Formerly she worked as an IT Project Manager for Hewlett-Packard. She attended the 2007 Central Oregon Expedition.

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