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Report # 1394  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Lydia Huff on Saturday, August 30, 1997.
Campers hear loud guttral, high pitched sceams.
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kittitas County

LOCATION DETAILS: On the border of Wenatche National Forest. Free Campsite right. Right next to a river, timber and logging roads.



OBSERVED: Just as dawn was breaking my 2 year old son, (who refused to sleep in the tent, which is why I was still sitting by the fire)and I heard a low, hollow, bone chilling scream. It was a sound I could only classify as a big foot. It had LUNG CAPPACITY! It was also high pitch as well as very deep and it was intentional. Because the cry started went on for a minute or so (It seemed like forever) and abruptly stopped. Then a small pause. Then the Exact, Same Cry again. Beginning length of noise and an abrupt silence. There were Three all together. My son asked me what it was and I couldn’t tell him. I finally said, I think it's a bigfoot.

It was July of 1997 and we were the early campers who had arrived on Wed. Most of the other vacationers wouldn’t be out until Friday. My theory is that the bigfoot was headed down to the water for his/her morning bath/drink and saw all of the tents and vehicles and yelled back to whoever "The freaken Campers are Here!" As a warning.

The sound We Heard was Indescribable. Guttural, hollow, High pitched and intentional. Unless Pavarati was in the Forrest playing tarzan (I’m kidding), It was a bellow that carried over the valley, and it was scary, and when it was just cut off at the end, the sound didn’t die out, it was loud, and then it was over.

ALSO NOTICED: None. It was as if it never happened.

OTHER WITNESSES: Cuddling by the campfire. My son two years old freaked out every time we attempted to sleep in the tent. I resorted to just stay awake, the whole camping ground neighbors were getting pissed off, they wanted to sleep.

ENVIRONMENT: Right before the road forks into dirt roads. At the free camping ground. Its all Boise cascade timber land. Right next to a river, the river has its far bank side touching a kind of canyon wall. the campsite is between the river and the paved road. on the other side of the road, it starts out a little higher than the road and goes right into the forest/hills. There are horse trails there and sometimes the farmers cattle roam free there. I haven't been across the road, and I'm scared to go now.

Within a mile or two there is a Wenatchee National Forest sign.

A & G References: Pg. 66, C2

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