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Report # 1400  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Tyler on Tuesday, December 30, 1997.
Several hikers observe a light colored sasquatch dash across a trail and up a slope. Their dog pursues it for a short distance before returning
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YEAR: 1991

SEASON: Spring




LOCATION DETAILS: Near Lake Louise Alberta, Canada. 20 or so km off of highway #1

OBSERVED: Approx. 6 ft animal was seen. It scrambled across our path from left to right, from the up slope to our left across our path and down and away to our right. The animal was dark blonde in color and definitely bipedal. The dog that was with us took up pursuit immediately, barking and yapping. However, as we watched, a fair size tree (that was likely dead) fell or was pushed over, and the dog went quiet and returned shortly after. As we were uphill from the commotion, we could see the tree as it fell, approx. 50 yards away. The forest was quite thick though, and we couldn't see the creature itself during this "pursuit". A total of six of us (plus the dog) had been on a hike on a mountain trail, were on our way back down to head home.

OTHER WITNESSES: walking somewhat single file but dispersed fairly far apart.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: In or about June of 1991, mid afternoon.

ENVIRONMENT: Predominately pine forest on a mountain hiking path. It was damp out at the time, and cloudy. There was still snow at the higher altitudes of our climb/hike, but not at the altitude where we saw the animal. There was a body of reasonably still water further back along the trail which we passed probably 10 minutes earlier.

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