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Report # 1405  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, September 19, 1998.
Glowing eyes seen by witness during snowstorm
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YEAR: 1995, 1998

SEASON: Winter

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Broome County

LOCATION DETAILS: Removed per witness

OBSERVED: This incident happened a couple years ago during a snowstorm. I can't say for sure that is was a Bigfoot, but here goes. It was winter, but I dont' remember exactly what month, but it was 1995 or so.

We had a very big snowstorm that night and it had been snowing for a very long time and there was about a foot or two of snow on the ground at the time. I went out on my front porch to shovel off the snow and it was about 11pm or so. I had been doing this all night because if I dont' shovel off the snow, you just can't open the door!

Well, this time I went out, I distinctly felt i was being watched. I am used to being in the country, but I definitely got "creeped out". I kept shoveling and talking to my dog (who was watching me through the door) and tried to ignore my feeling. It was very dark and truthfully, up to that point, i was too scared to look around because I just knew I was being watched!

So, My dog, who loves to go outside in the snow, started acting as if he had to go out NOW. He had been in the house for a long while, so I opened the door and he came flying out(as usual when he really has to go) , started down the steps, then abruptly turned around as if scared and wanted to be let back in. I couldn't believe it(he never did that and he certainly isn't afraid of any local animals or people, infact, he loves to chase deer and such, if he can--so now, I was really petrified).

I worked up the nerve to look around the best I could with the limited lighting I had on a dark, snowy night, and Could not believe what I saw. I looked straight ahead in the direction of my driveway and saw these eyes looking at me! They were glowing you know like an animals'. They were very high in the air and I stood there for a moment just staring directly at them, (i think i was almost in shock-definitely scared)

In that minute or so, many thouhgts ran through my mind like, "what IS that?" "it can't be a deer, because I certainly made plenty of noise to scare it off, and why would a deer be out and about in this storm and not bedded down somewhere?" "it's looking right at me! and it's not scared one bit--why is it not leaving?? and the scariest thing was my dog's reaction to it. "if it was a deer, my dog would have chased it gladly, but he was afraid!" "what IS that?" "Am I imagining this?" , "I knew something was watching me!". etc..

As scared as I was, I wanted to be SURE I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, so I blinked a few times and strained to get a better look at the outline of the body, but all i could really see was a definite big pair of glowing eyes on a tall thing. Then, absolute terror overtook me, and I ran into the house in a panic, and in desperation, called my grandpa and told him and he told me I was nuts and it had to be a deer.

I don't believe that for a minute. I've seen many deer, they're all over around here,and I am almost certain it was not a deer! I wish it hadn't snowed so much that night because I have no way to go out and check for any kind of prints and I certainly wasn't gonna go out then and walk right up to it, so I can't tell you what it was.

I should tell you the distance from where I was to where the "thing" was was approximately 25 or so feet away.

I have seen nothing since, but today I heard strange "knocking" sounds, as if someone was knocking a hollow tree or something--i have no near neighbors where the sounds were coming from and it startled me enough to dash to the window.

Also, the same day (today) while out feeding the chickens, my son came running in saying he heard a horrible high pitched screaming type sound. I thought we might go off in the direction of the scream, but then thought I wasn't brave enough to do that!

I am not a nutcase, I assure you! We are Christians and would not make up such a story. I can not tell you if any of these things have anything to do with each other or if they are even a Bigfoot at all, but what i have reported to you is true to the best of my knowledge. The only thing I'm shaky on is the date. I will never forget those eyes!

ALSO NOTICED: Years after the snow incident, we heard strange knocking and screaming. And the night before the knocking and screaming, i heard dogs farther up on the mountain barking like mad for quite a while and I remember being creeped out because I couldn't even remember hearing those dogs bark ever before and they were just so excited, not like your usual barking. It was odd.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I was shoveling snow as I had done many times that night and letting out the dog as usual. When hearing the strange knocking, I was wiping my kitchen table, and when my son heard the strange scream, he was outside feeding the chickens in the backyard.

ENVIRONMENT: I live in a rural area. My house is surrounded by fields and woods. I have a creek down behind my house. At the time of the winter incident, everything was covered in about 2-3 feet of snow. There are wooded mountains around here and I guess it's just your basic NYS countryside--wooded, hilly, mountains, etc. Lots of deer and squirrels, even the occasional black bear.

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