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Report # 1431  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 24, 2001.
Campers hear foot steps in tree line while walking on road
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Comal County

LOCATION DETAILS: The camping area was called the Lazy L&L and the name of the road is called River rd. The Guadalupe River area.

NEAREST TOWN: New Braunfels Tx.


OBSERVED: While on a camping trip in a camping resort, my wife and I went for a walk in the woods. It got dark fast and all I had was a small flashlight. I don't know how but we ended up by the main road called River Rd, leading to the campsite. we could just make out the small light of the main office.
That road is dark and there were no cars that night for some reason. Well, we were walking along the side of the road where the tree line was by the Guadalupe River. When we started hearing footfalls behind us, very heavy footfalls. The only thing, they were coming from the other side of the road where the sheer rock cliff is, intermingled with a thin tree line.
They were not pranksters like someone already suggested to me. The air that night was weeping (meaning humid). Suddenly we stopped and what ever it was stopped too, but when it stopped it must have stepped on a branch because we heard the branch break.
Well needless to say we ran the hell out of there all the way back to the camp. My wife was so frightened we had to leave the secound it got light.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my wife.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night time, humid weather.

ENVIRONMENT: Woods through out the area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I have talked with the witnesses and they said that they know what they had heard was no deer or bear. It was walking in the tree line close to the edge of a cliff close to the river. They were both scared and ran back to the camping area. They did not smell anything or see this creature. But they said it sounded like something heavy walking on two feet and following them as they walked down the road.

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