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Report # 1483  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, May 6, 1997.
Hunters notice tracks resembling those of a barefoot child in the mud of a remote logging road
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YEAR: 1994


MONTH: October

PROVINCE: New Brunswick


OBSERVED: We found small set of footprints on dirt road that were child like approx size five .No vidio footidge or pictures were taken.

This happened in oct 1994 during the bow hunting season in NEW BRUNSWICK aproxametely 20 miles outside the city of Moncton off of the old frederecton rd .the fork stream road is the main road of the area that we were in .This area is a verry popular area during the riffle season with a lot of camps and logging roads that branch off. The paticular road we were on is numbered 174.

We had been scouting the area for the last couple weeks for deer sign and found a good spot on this road .We had parked our vehicule approx 3/4 mile away from ground blinds and were both walking to the area and casuly scaning ground for deer sign and noticed a set of footprints that seemed to belong to a child or small footed adult approx size 5 . we both stoped to look and wondered wy a child would be walking in mud bare foot way out here or that maybe someone was in a vehicule and needed to get out for a nature call and didnt want to dirty their new shoes .But the footprints seem to have gone clear accross the road and not from the center of the road that kind of throught our logic out the door.

We speculated a little more and jokingly one of us mentioned bigfoot and we proceeded to our blinds and never realy gave it all that much thought after that day as a matter of fact i completely forgot about this until lattely as i have been doing a lot of reading about different reports and it came back to me like a boomerang.

ALSO NOTICED: Not that was talked about .

I would like to no if there is any other information about the documented case that was used in Mr Green's book the apes amoung us about the reverends son who sent the report to Mr Coleman.

OTHER WITNESSES: There was me and hunting companion and we were both walking down dirt road beside each other looking for deer sign.

OTHER STORIES: No i have not hered of anythe only other report have ever hered of in the province New Brunswick is the one used in the book that Mr green wrote the apes amoung us and i beleive i was a older documented story that did not give any aprox location.About a minister reporting a sighting .I have submited a other report aprox two weeks ago about another strange occurance i had with another hunting partener about a year or so after this one while bowhunting black bear in the fall approx 25 miles away from this location.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I beleive it was in the afternoon at aprox 2:30pm a nice clear day in october 1994. I cannot remember the exact date.

ENVIRONMENT: The area we were in was cultivated aprrox ten years berofe and most of the area was second groath maily fur spruce and pine and a mixture of hardwood .There was nothing really that i would use as a landmark just a bunch of old intersecting loging roads.

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