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Report # 1564  (Class B)
Submitted by George Hofmann on Sunday, December 1, 1996.
"Brinson Monster"
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YEAR: 1967


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: The incident occured south of town a couple of miles, on the old Brinson place, which was abandoned.


OBSERVED: The date would have been probably sometime in 1966 or 1967, during the school year.

Some high school kids had parked in the driveway to the abandonded farm, the old Brinson Place, for an evening of drinking beer or some kind of sexual encounter, or both. They observed a tall animal, standing erect, observing them. It was white or perhaps gray with red eyes. As I recall this happened on more than one occasion. When word of the "Brinson Monster" got around, some other kids went out there with a rifle, probably a 30-30, in an attempt to kill it. It was spotted again and a shot was fired, but "it just kept on going." As far as I know that was the last time it was seen in that area.

The incident caused some activity in the high school. There were stories and poems written about it in English class, but that, surprisingly, was about it. We didn't know about bigfoot or sasquatches in those days, they had not been popularized yet. People just didn't know what to make of it.

OTHER WITNESSES: Probably necking or drinking, in a car.

OTHER STORIES: Other incidents were reported in the Centralia Chronicle, several years afterward, of tracks very near a residence at Vader, WA. This would be perhaps 5 miles south of the Brinson incident. That incident was investigated by the Sheriff's office. As I recall, the family that reported the tracks later reported UFO activity there as well.

Also, at about this time, some friends and I camped out at the top of Sam Henry mountain, about 5 miles west of Winlock. Shining a flashlight across from one hilltop to the next, we saw lots of eyes reflected back, by unknown big animals, but probably deer. During the night I remember hearing a loud branch break sound. It makes me wonder now what caused that, considering deer aren't usually so clumsy...

ENVIRONMENT: This site is the interface between extensive forest, the Willapa Hills, essentially 50 miles to the ocean with not much habitation in between, and the farmland to the east, which has a lot of human habitation.

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