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Report # 17545  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 7, 2007.
Possible nighttime sighting by motorist near Ball Club
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 20

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Itasca County

LOCATION DETAILS: On US Hwy #2, and between County Rd 39 & 18


NEAREST ROAD: on Hwy 2, between cty rd 39 & 18

OBSERVED: I spoke to a elderly ojibwe lady who was on her way to the Deer River White Oak Casino to do some gambling. She was driving east and about one mile east of Ball Club, Minnesota at about 11:00 P.M. she saw a brownish hairy manlike creature standing along the left side of highway 2. She said it looked like it was getting ready to cross the road toward Ball Club Lake. She was very scared and didn't want to slow down. She said this was about the time the Six Mile Lake tracks were spotted along a gravel road near Bena, Minnesota.

ALSO NOTICED: I went to site and saw a wide well used trail in grass as if something large frequented it.


OTHER STORIES: Yes. One month later. July 2006, A 16 year kid was deer hunting near Mississippi River one mile west of Ball Club, spotted a Bigfoot walking in down in a low swamp. The hairy manlike creature looked back at him and just kept walking away in a steady stride. He got scared and ran all the way back to US Hwy 2 and hitched a ride back to Ball Club. He said he was never going hunting again.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11:00 PM at night, Dark

ENVIRONMENT: Lake on north side of road, Swamp on south side of road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B.G. Martin:

I spoke to the woman who viewed the large figure on the phone and the following additional details were revealed:

The woman isn’t Ojibwe (O-'jib-wA); she’s 67 yrs. old and from the Potawatomi (Pot•a•wat•o•me) tribe. Her husband is Ojibwe.

She was driving 50 mph at 11:30 pm east bound on Hwy 2, one half mile east of Ball Club. She was using her low beams while at 50 yards past a turn when she saw a large figure standing three car lengths ahead on the right side of the road. It was standing 6 to 8 feet off the side of the road. She said it looked like it was waiting for her to pass and was waiting to cross to the lake 200 feet to the north. It didn’t look at her; it looked ahead.

She didn’t get a real good look at it; she glanced at it. She could see the very large outline of it, 8 feet tall and brown in color. She wasn’t able to give an estimate of its weight. She thought to herself at the time, “That’s no bear.”

She knew what it was when she saw it, and chuckled when I suggested, “Did it look like someone in a costume?” She was alone in the car and didn’t slow down. She didn’t need to get a good look at it to know what it was; she didn’t see a lot of detail because of this. She had her windows rolled up and didn’t notice any peculiar odors.

She went back the next day during the day to see if she could find tracks, but when she got to the area she got a chill down her spine that kept her from getting out of the car and looking for tracks.

The witness was straight forward and matter of fact about what she experienced. In her upbringing, Bigfoots aren’t questioned if they exist or not. She answered, “No, they’re just there.” Some tribes believe that the sighting of a Bigfoot is harbinger of bad things to come.

This occurred two weeks after the track sighting on Six Mile Lake Rd., Report #14942. The track sighting is 9.75 miles directly west.

I wasn’t able to talk to the boy referred to in the “Other Stories” section. He was fatally wounded in a hunting accident in the fall.

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