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Report # 18439  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, March 30, 2007.
Possible scream at Ft. Stewart
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YEAR: 1987


MONTH: September

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Long County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the post boundry on 144. Cannot determine from map recon if it was in Tatnall or Liberty Counties.

NEAREST TOWN: Glennville

NEAREST ROAD: 144, SE near installion boundary. Large tank trail intersecting 144 in area.

OBSERVED: I was assigned to Fort Stewart with my platoon during an NTC train-up. The MP supervised road crossing of 144 (hard stand night road crossings at that time had to have MPs to manage the traffic) had been closed for the night leaving my platoon separated on the opposite side of the road from the Task Force and my company--we were told to stay put on the SE side of 144 until morning when we could cross without the MPs. Since we had been down range for many weeks, we maintained radio contact, formed a herringbone in a clearing, but otherwise went admin and I let everyone sleep. Most of the soldiers were turret lizards sleeping on top of their tracks. Almost all had the ramp down (Not very tactical but we were smoked). The weather was warm and sticky, typical for early Fall in SE Georgia. Sometime during the evening as I and my platoon sergeant sat underneath a tree talking, we heard a terrible scream from our front, about fifty yards away inside the treeline. I got up to walk toward the noise but my platoon sergeant stopped me. The scream sounded like a woman being harmed, but there was a wildness to it as well. At the time I assumed it was a panther (but have recently heard there is no extant recording a such a thing. That and I drive past Woman Hollering Creek outside of San Antonio from time to time and am reminded). There was nothing else. The funny thing was when the scream finished, all the previously quiet armored vehicle engines started and the soldiers raised the ramps, climbed inside and went back to sleep.


OTHER WITNESSES: My whole platoon. Bedding down for the evening.

OTHER STORIES: Only the activity on your site.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 2100 to 2200

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest in a swamp, pretty much the same as the whole Ft. Stewart vicinity

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Leigh Culver:

Iíve spoken with the witness at length and he recounted basically the same information as related in the narrative. The location where the event occurred is near the county line; however, we think it may be in Long County based upon our looking at very detailed maps of the area. The witness is currently a U.S. Army Colonel, and he has considerable outdoors experience. The witness is convinced that what he and his platoon heard that night was not a large cat, nor any other well known animal.

Over the years there have been numerous reports of sightings and anomalous vocalizations coming out of Ft. Stewart. This investigator welcomes any additional information from military personnel who may have had such an encounter.

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