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Report # 18584  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, April 11, 2007.
Possible vocalization heard near Pyramid State Park
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YEAR: 1975


STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Perry County

LOCATION DETAILS: There was a home for about every 300 acres

NEAREST TOWN: Pinckneyville


OBSERVED: Way back in 1975 I was outside at my grandparents farm just outside Pinckneyville (Perry County) located next to a state park when I heard the most hair raising sound ever. I was so petrified that I couldn't move for a few seconds then I bolted for the shed my dad and grandfather were working in. They didn't hear it but all the horses ran up to the fence and were very agitated. The horses were stamping and blowing like when they are scared. It was very dark outside and about 10pm. It carried over from the other side of the lake so it was at least 100 yards away. There was a pig farm about a mile away but it definitely not a pig. The closest thing I have heard is similar to a peacock but sound bites of Bigfoot screams are pretty much dead on. I hope I never hear that again in real life!

ALSO NOTICED: The horses refused to go back to the lower pasture area where the sound came from until daytime

OTHER WITNESSES: none unless you count the horses

OTHER STORIES: That was the only time I ever heard anything

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10pm clear night warm enough I didn't need a coat

ENVIRONMENT: Rural reclaimed strip mine forest, small lake and stream nearby

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