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Report # 1888  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 4, 2001.
Strange calls and other possible bigfoot related activity experienced by investigators.
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: Feb 2000

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Le Flore County

LOCATION DETAILS: The town dump is located on the north side of Boktuklo Mt. just half a mile south of Honobia.
From the Girl's Camp intersection, go half a mile south, turn left on the first road. Cross the river and go about one quarter mile to the dump.
There are other entrances to the dump, but this one is the one where I removed boulders that had been placed in the road in an apparent attempt to block it. (This was not a rock slide situation.)And trees broken in a series, not all at the same time, along the road leading to the dump. This is, also, the location where I found, above a rock outcropping, a large western red cedar that had been used as a lookout tower by something of great weight that came up from the river. There were no trails leading to the tree. It was obstructed by green briars and there were bleached out, undisturbed leaves on the ground everywhere except the stone outcropping that extended about ten feet or so down to the river.
There was a heavy wear pattern on one side of the tree as if it had been used as a ladder. From that vantage point in the tree, traffic on Indian Hwy. and traffic on the road to the city dump could be viewed. (This lookout was not situated over a game trail.)



OBSERVED: I found what was left of a black and tan coonhound after it had been shot in the head and dumped at the Honobia, OK town dump. All the soft tissue (organs/muscles/connective tissue,etc.)was gone (with the exception of the entire head, the four paws and the skin and hair). It was apparently eaten by the same animal that had pulled upwards on the hound's chest wall and stretched out ligaments in an upward motion. The ligaments did not break but were stretched enough to easily remove the contents of the chest cavity.
The ribs and the sternum, as I recall, were still held together by this stretched out ligament.The head was totally untouched except for the .22 cal. bullet hole in it's temple. The hound's skin had been pulled apart over the abdomen and chest and peeled back and was laying in the same spot where it fell after being separated (on each side of the body, but still attached to the back of the dog. There were no teeth marks on the bones. The hound's eyes were still present and untouched. Only inches away there was a dark and greasy spot that smelled, not surprisingly, like a dead dog...horrible. The dark greasy spot was about three feet in circumference and was on very hard flat ground. There was nothing noticible on the dark spot, just a dark tint to the ground. I believe that it took the use of human-like hands to pull the chest upwards in the manner that it was pulled and stretched out. I suspect a sasquatch.

ALSO NOTICED: About a week or two earlier I had found a fresh, dead calf that had been dumped. The skin in the groin/lower abdominal area was pulled apart, and there was a small pool of blood in the wound. The calf was a newborn with a rope still tied around it's front legs. When I first saw it, I thought that the tear in the skin was caused by being pulled out of the birth canal by a pick-up truck (a common practice). But, after I found the hound,I think that I may have, inadvertantly interrupted a feeding. When I looked for the calf remains after I saw the hound, I found that the carcass was nowhere around.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was alone and looking for clues to sasquatch behavior, my chief area of interest. Roger Roberts, a BFRO investigator, witnessed one of the broken trees and the cedar ladder tree, as well as other, possibly sasquatch related, things at a nearby location.

OTHER STORIES: There were reports of sasquatches getting food out of a family's freezer located in an outbuilding. The people, unfortunatly, felt threatened by the sasquatches and tried to shoot them and hunt them with dogs. Close to where these people live there are large metal trash collection bins. Close to the trash bins is a road that leads to the Honobia town dump from the opposite side of Boktuklo Mt.from where I entered. This was reported on the BFRO web site in Jan. 2000, I believe. (Which was why I was poking around the area.)

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The weather was bright and sunny and cold. The ground was dry and hard.

ENVIRONMENT: This area is in the Ouachita National Forest.
Clear mountain streams, pine trees, oak trees, native pecan trees, rich in wildlife. Small farms in the bottom land.

A & G References: Delorme, Oklahoma page 57, I-6

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roger Roberts:

During our April 2000 investigation of the area south of Honobia, Ok., Ms. Lindley and I heard strange calls emanating from what I now believe to be at least three bigfoots. The calls we heard were very close to our campsite on Boktuklo Mountain and began sometime after 9 pm and ended just before daylight. The remarkable thing was that the calls were nearly identical to the Tahoe Screams which I am now familar with.

R. Roberts

About BFRO Investigator Roger Roberts:

Private Investigator with 29 years experience, former Special Operations, U.S. Army

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