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Report # 19206  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 18, 2007.
Three Creatures observed Ripping Limbs and Bark from Trees in the Monongahela National Forest
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YEAR: 1994


MONTH: October

DATE: 15

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Greenbrier County

LOCATION DETAILS: Route 92 north to Sherwood lake Recreation Area.
The meadow was near the picnic area close to the dam.

NEAREST TOWN: White Sulpher Springs (30 miles)


OBSERVED: Many years ago while camping in Monongahela National Forest in the fall with my family, my son and I decided to walk around part of the lake at night time. It was a beautiful bright night. the temperature was in the 50's. We came upon a marshy area just off of the trail.

There was a meadow at the edge of the lake. We heard a loud commotion, and sticks breaking. We stopped to look thinking that it may have been campers looking for firewood. I saw two very large black upright creatures ripping branches and bark from the trees. It appeared that they were eating the bark.

My son and I were about 125 feet away at the most. I was so scared and in disbelief, I quietly told my son (he was 10), to move slowly down to the ground. We crouched behind a rock and watched over 15 minutes. I have never sweat like this in my entire life, I was so frightened.

The smallest of the two had a arm reach about 10 to 12 feet. The larger of the two was several feet higher. All of a sudden, the two stepped back into the darkness of the woods and a third one stepped out. This one was unbelievably tall. We only watched a few more seconds and I told my son "We have to run".

We ran nonstop back to my family's camper. My dad did not believe us. He thought it was a bear. I told him that there was no way it was a bear. Even a grizzly was not as tall as the smallest ones arm reach. I grew up in the area and I spent alot of time in the woods and it takes alot to frighten me!

The next day I went to the same spot and found several feet of tree branches and smaller limbs at the base of several trees. The trees had been stripped of branches and bark. Through the years I stopped talking about it because I felt like no one believed me or my son.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes... after this I have been very curious as to what this could be. I have spent a lot of time camping in all seasons including winter here. While free-diving I found numerous large tracks crossing shallow areas of the lake in water up to 8 feet deep. Most recently in the winter of 2005 my wife and I camped for 1 month in this area looking for clues.

In late December we went back for a few days in the snow when there was no one else around, this time however I think it found us! All that night we heard loud knocking in several locations, one not far from our tent. It was almost as if they were signaling each other from across the lake.

This was so loud I believe you could hear it for miles. My 3 dogs were extremely frightened and very quiet. Normally they would be barking.

OTHER WITNESSES: This time just my son.

OTHER STORIES: We have talked to many locals in the area. Most people keep to themselves in these parts. I can understand this.

One lady we met did not know our story and we asked her if she had ever seen anything strange in the area. She said that she would walk her dogs around the same lake in the mornings after her husband went to work.

Both dogs are large and not afraid of anyone. As they walked near the picnic area she noticed a figure at the edge of the woods. It was summertime and the figure was covered from head to toe in dark fur. She knew then that it was not human. Both of her dogs were terrified and would not bark, and they tried to hide behind her. She backed away and it disappeared into the woods. Since then she will not go back.

Another incident was told to me by my parents, who were skeptical about my stories. They were camping last Fall and there was only one other man camping there. They jokingly asked him if he had seen any bigfoots lately?

He got quiet for a moment and told them that a few nights before he had been camping outside the campground in a roadside spot. He had a small dog with him. Just before midnight he turned off his lantern and was going to bed. His dog had a certain bark for people he knew and one for strangers.

The man told my dad that the dog almost ripped the blinds off of the camper and was barking frantically at something outside the camper. He knew something was wrong so he grabbed his pistol. When he went to the door, he saw a very large black shadow walk between the fire and the camper. This made his hair stand on end. He left the next day. I would love to go and spend more time in the area and show someone what I believe are hotspots. After the first sightings I have been convinced "THEY DO EXIST!!!"

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 9 pm and very bright outside because of a full moon and the reflection off of the lake.

ENVIRONMENT: At the edge of the lake in a small marshy area. All around the meadow and the lake are dense woods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stephen Willis:

Interviewed the witness and found his story to be very compelling. He did not waiver from the written report and added even more details.

The witness and his family spend a significant amount of time outdoors. They tent camp at least once each month, all year long. He had visited Sherwood Lake on several occasions in all seasons. He observed a mountain lion and cub on a spring camping trip to Sherwood.

Once during a winter camping weekend he discovered eight holes through the ice which resembled a track-way. They lead across a short section of the lake, beginning where it looked as if something had slid down the embankment to the ice. The holes were spaced at an interval he could not match while walking on the frozen surface.

The witness' dogs mentioned in this report were Rottweiler and Pit Bull. Neither breed is recognized as timid and they have not repeated the abnormal behavior.

About BFRO Investigator Stephen Willis:

Grew up in central West Virginia. Retired from the US Army in 2003. Small manufacturing business owner. Lived for almost 7 years in Germany and 1.5 years in the Mideast.

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