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Report # 20202  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 11, 2007.
Motorist sighting on County Road 426 between Cornell and Watson
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YEAR: 1982


MONTH: October

DATE: 10/1/1982

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Delta County



OBSERVED: I met the witness in person during the course of an expedition to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She was restless and fidgety recalling her experience from the fall of 1982. I could sense the degree with which her experience affected her. She said she was getting shivers down her back talking about it and then she would giggle and wring her hands out to put herself at ease.

When she was 17, she was driving north on County Road 426 between Cornell and Watson. She approached a slight bend in the road to the left. It was just getting dark out and she had her headlights on. On the right hand side of the road she noticed something standing 60 yards ahead. It was standing on the asphalt, just on the edge of the road. She was going 50 mph but slowed down to 30. At first she thought it was someone hitch-hiking. It was looking at her the whole time it took her to get up to it.

What she first noticed was its arms and hands that hung down past its knees. Right away she knew it wasn’t something normal. It was 8 - 9 feet tall and had black hair. It “wasn’t really long”, and the hair “looked smooth”. Its build was huge, like an ape man. She didn’t see any skin other than the dark gray in its face. It looked like a “prehistoric man with an ape face”. She made eye contact with it at 15 feet and saw its eyes glowing a “blood red”. The eyes glowed red from the reflection of the car headlights. She could see by the look in its face that it was just as scared of her as she was of it.

It turned away from her and in one jumped- jumped 10 feet into the swamp. Its motion was unnaturally fast, “it was unreal how fast it was”. She feels she saw it for 7 seconds. As she passed the spot where it was standing, she stepped on the gas to get out of there fast.

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