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Report # 2062  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Darrick Grim on Wednesday, April 23, 1997.
Two Hunters hear screams from forest and see a sasquatch, find mangled trees and brush as evidence the next morning
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YEAR: 1995


MONTH: October

DATE: 10/28/1995

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Clearwater County

LOCATION DETAILS: Idaho, Northern region. Clearwater County. 20 miles away from a town called Elk River by the junction where Elk River flows into Dorswack Lake. This incident occurred in October 28 1995 at about 6:00 p.m. the nearest road is the 3Bear RD.



OBSERVED: When we arrived to our camp from a early spot lighting mission for game we (Tom Marlatte, my long time friend and I) were breaking down for dinner, there was a sound which sounded like a mule and wailing screams. This occurred only once but lasted for about 15 seconds. It is hard to describe these sounds in print but whoever I tell my story to I always get goose bumps. We had a 1.5 million candle powered spotlight and could not see to far into the brush because it was so dense, but we saw something about 7-8 feet in height, hairy body but with an open face with not so much hair on the face. Bigger eyes than normal even though we could only see the reflection of the eyes, they reflected back to us as a blue green to a slight red tint. The creature only remained in the light for only a few seconds and covered his eyes when the light was directly shined on to it. His hands were big with the palm was hairless. The creature was supporting itself or bracing between two trees about 6 inch diameter. His hands clearly wrapped around the trees. We both couldnít believe our eyes and grabbed our riffles after it shambled off into the woods. The whole night we could hear something walking around our camp sight with ease. I was kinda scared but had sufficient fire power to kill anything in these woods. We did build a bigger fire and it took us many hours to go to bed that night. The next day I went up to look for anything unusual and noticed freshly twisted limbs on white fir trees about 5 to 8.5 ft. tall. The pitch was just barely coming out so it was only a few hours old. These "twistings" were about 50 to about 200 yards from our camp site all around us. It was to dry for any quality tracks. I've been in the woods for a good part of my life and I never thought this could happen to me or ever happen again. I'm still scared of that area to this day but I want to return to search for more evidence of Bigfoot. I believe now!

ALSO NOTICED: We just moved to that location in the afternoon and both split up and went scouting for game and noticed that everything looked dead. There was plenty of game sign but nothing was around. The whole area just was spooky, dead Quiet. With the amount of game sign we decided to hunt the next day there. After what we both experienced we know why his area was sterile and spooky. The next day we hunted together and never got off of each others heels.

OTHER STORIES: Not only with my report but there were two more reports in the same general area by worthy people. One incident these two brothers out scouting for elk before hunting season were coming down his road where his big hairy bipedal creature ran in front of them down off the bank across the creek up the other hillside throwing large rocks grabbing traction going up a rock slide then sat behind a large tree and was observing the brothers. After about 15 minutes it got up a ran over the ridge looked backed and screamed then continued to run. These brothers are from a Town called Julietta ID. Good people, go to church and don't lie.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The time was late evening around 6:00 PM. and being about a quarter of a mile from a lake the fog was setting in. The year was 1995, it was October 28, The weather conditions were overcast during the day and clearing off by the night time with lake fog coming in. There was no moon and it was pitch black. I donít understand how anything could see.

ENVIRONMENT: This part of Idaho is known as the flood woods. Western White Pine and Cedar and Red Fir are the most prevalent kinds of trees. There are tons of brush and ferns with some grass on the old logging roads. The untouched areas look like something out of a book of prehistoric vegetation. It's Awesome looking. We got into an area where we were not supposed to be going around locked BLM gates. We were far from any other hunters by at least 10 miles. To the west of us is Elk Creek and below us is Dorsawck Lake. a 56 mile long lake. Also there were many small creeks and bogs and springs.

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