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Report # 2141  (Class A)
Submitted by witness T. on Wednesday, August 25, 1999.
Creature observed scratching.
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 22

STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: My eight year old son and I were hiking the 'Grasshopper Trail' in Humbolt Redwoods State Park, Burlington Campgrounds, between Weott (north) and Meyers Flat (south), Humbolt County, California. The time was approximately between 3 and 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 22nd. One side note, I was pretty hesitant about submitting this kind of info until I found this site and to read someone else had experienced something in the same place.

OBSERVED: We were about a 1/4 mile up the trail from the river. We were walking relatively quiet and slow along the path when we stopped on the path for a moment for my son to tie his shoe.

As I waited, I surveyed the thick redwood area above. As I looked, I noticed something moving about 150-200 feet in the distance next to a large old redwood stump. The more I looked, I began to see more mass of the creature. I finally realized what it probably was and what it was doing. It had a human-like torso (from the waist up) and it appeared as if it was scratching its back against the stump. I gained a back and profile view before I could no longer overcome the intense fear I was experiencing. I urged my son as serious as could, to run as fast as he could.

After running for about thirty seconds to a minute, we stopped. I wanted badly to go back and investigate, but understood I could not do this with my son. I know the EXACT location of where the stump is and I plan to go back within the week. I hope to find something at the stump.

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