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Report # 22801  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 5, 2008.
Further apparent corroboration of multiple-witness, winter, nighttime, road-crossing near Kenosha Pass
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 15

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Park County

LOCATION DETAILS: south on 285 coming down on the backside of Kenosha Pass headed towards jefferson.



OBSERVED: While headed back to Denver from Buena Vista, My wife and I saw something very large pass in front of another car. This car was in front of us by about 25 feet. The weather was not good as it was snowing and dark out. I was driving about 12 to 15 miles per hour. At first I thought that it was a person getting out of the car infront of us. This struck me as odd considering the weather and the time of night, not to mention the location.

We were in a 4x4 pick up and I guessed this thing to be about 7 to 8 feet tall. Very dark body with a large head and huge hands. It crossed the highway in a smooth fluid motion, paying no mind to the vehicles coming in either direction.It crossed the road in three or four strides, then disappeared of to the west side of the road.
My wife and I remaind speechless for a couple of minutes and then I asked her what she thought she saw. She said it looked like bigfoot. I agreed.

OTHER WITNESSES: Multiple vehicles both north and south bound. All were traveling slowley due to conditions.

OTHER STORIES: If intrested I have a couple other stories in this general area. To long to type.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7:00 to 8:00pm

snow and ice
very slick road & poor visibility due to snow.

ENVIRONMENT: Very close to pike national forest. Lots of Pine trees and aspent as well as medows and pastures with meandering rivers and streams.
Alot of wildlife and domestic animals share this area.

Follow-up investigation report:

After one long conversation and another follow-up thereafter, it appears probable to me that this witness's account provides some corroboration and further details to a few other accounts of this incident published elsewhere, including one witness account and one reportedly from the follow-up on a call to the Park County Sheriff's Department. Although there are a few apparent possible discrepencies between accounts, that is not to be entirely unexpected and, since the reports are basically complementary and seem to be referring to the same incident, I concluded it worthwhile to add this account to the record as well.

The location of the incident was previously thought to have been just east of the top of Kenosha Pass. This witness was certain as to the exact location of their and the other multiple-vehicles sighting and road-crossing. As opposed to the wooded summit, this sighting was actually down below and just to the southwest of Kenosha Pass on the flats of the South Park valley and approximately halfway between Jefferson and the sharp turn in the highway that is the beginning of the climb of the hill just below the pass itself.

The submitting witness, a longtime carpenter and cabinetmaker, was driving very slowly due to the inclement weather conditions and the other slow traffic. Upon further consideration, he estimated that he was following about 25 yards behind the car in front of him when he saw that car's brake lights come on and then briefly saw a large dark figure which was just in front of that car and on the right shoulder of the road. That car then immediately passed the roadside figure. He first thought "Why is someone getting out of the car here, now, and in these conditions?" The figure was walking toward them as they approached, still on the right shoulder on the edge of the road. A oncoming car was at about 25-30 yards and almost stopped when the figure split the distance between the two vehicles and quickly crossed the road from the right to the left to the west at just about 15 yards or so in front of them, according to his best estimate.

The witness then quickly thought it may have been someone wearing a parka with a pointed hood but immediately dismissed that thought when confronted with the evenly dark-coloring and sheer size of the figure. "It was staggering how big this thing was," he said, also emphasizing that it was thick and massive. Despite the snowing and blowing conditions, the figure was brightly illuminated by both his and the oncoming vehicles headlights, giving them a good view of what was before them. His attention was also particularly struck by what looked to him to be the disproportionately large hands, or hand, of the creature. Also, he noted that he was all but certain that it completely crossed the road in just three large steps.

In estimating the size of the creature, he said the figure was much taller than his own height of 5'11," that it must have been two-feet taller than the top of his Toyota truck, and because it was much larger than his 6'6" father-in-law that wears a size 13 shoe and could only almost stride across the road in five exaggerated steps, he felt confident that it was approximately 8' tall or perhaps even larger.

He was certain of what they saw and insisted that at least the two other cars nearby had to have seen it as well. "We know the car in front of us saw it, and the oncoming car was almost stopped. They saw it."

They completely lost sight of it as they passed where it crossed off the road and into the darkness. After a long pause, they immediately agreed as to what they had just seen. The only disagreement between them is that they can't be certain as to the exact date of this incident, but he believes it is correct and it seems to fit with the other accounts.

David Petti

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