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Report # 2316  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Dan Syes on Tuesday, November 25, 1997.
Strange loud sounds; track discovered the following day
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YEAR: 1982

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Lemhi County

LOCATION DETAILS: This incident occurred in a place called the Big Horn Crags, Frank Church Wilderness, Central Idaho.(Lemhi Co. I believe) Meadow area at the Crags campground (trail head)

OBSERVED: This incident occurred 15 years ago(1982) when I was a teenager.

Initially started out hearing a loud sound, that thought at 1st was an elk bugle. My grandfather disagreed. This occurred in the evening. The next morning, as we were preparing to pack into some of the local lakes, discovered a single track in a marshy area near the trail head.

OTHER WITNESSES: Getting ready for bed. 3 witnesses (me, grandfather, best friend) to the scream. 2 witnesses to the footprint... After seeing the print, me and my friend were just a tad scared, and didn't bring it up.

ENVIRONMENT: Rocky landscape with many pine trees. Elevation at the trail head is approx. 8400 feet. Area is not visited regularly by humans due to lack of roads. Usually just backpackers and hunters. The track was found in a slightly marshy area near a water well pump.

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