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Report # 2319  (Class B)
Submitted by Dr. Jeff Meldrum on Monday, January 27, 1997.
Several bow hunters hear an unusual loud scream while hunting elk
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YEAR: 1993


MONTH: September

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Valley County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near Bruce Meadows  (Highway 21 between Stanley and Lowman, off Bear Valley Rd.).

NEAREST ROAD: Bear Valley Rd

OBSERVED: (The witness was a student at Idaho State University in January 1997)

The individual and several companions were elk hunting (archery) in  Sept. 1993 (1994?) in Valley Co., Idaho, near Bruce Meadows  (Highway 21 between Stanley and Lowman, off Bear Valley Rd.).  The elk were bugling when they heard a "monster-scream".  He was  particularly impressed by the tremendous volume, at what seemed to  be a considerable distance across the valley.  He said it was  certainly not a cougar or an elk.  He simulated what he heard for me   --  roar to high-pitched trailing scream.  He had since heard a  scream on a sasquatch documentary that was similar.  He said they  had hunted in this area quite often and this was the first time they  had ever heard anything like it. They didn't encounter anything  unusual or hear anything further.

He struck me as very reasonable and credible and very interested in my impression and research.  

Jeff Meldrum

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