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Report # 2462  (Class B)
Submitted by witness R.S. on Saturday, June 26, 1999.
Numerous large footprints seen by rabbit hunters near Wabash River
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YEAR: 1967

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

STATE: Indiana

COUNTY: Fountain County

LOCATION DETAILS: 2 miles S/E of Perrysville in Fountain County Indiana. Along Silver Island Road near Wabash River

NEAREST TOWN: Perrysville

NEAREST ROAD: Silver Island Road

OBSERVED: It had been just snowing lightly just enough to cover the ground. Large footprints approximately 16" long were seen leading into a grove of trees among a field. Never heard anything but did get a musty rank smell. The footprints were visible everywhere and had to be fresh since the ground had just been covered with snow. My brother and I were rabbit hunting at the time and were so scared we ran to the car and left immediately. At the time I was approximately 17. Know that this is a older recall of a Bigfoot encounter or near encounter. But when my brother and I got home we were still scared stiff. Told our father about the footprints and he just laughed and asked if we had been drinking or something. About 5 years later the laugh was on him when Dad said you kids weren't kidding were you. He had just seen the very same type of footprints in the same area. Wish we would have taken pictures at the time but then you would have been regarded as some kind of kook. Especially if you went public. Since then have talked to a few people that have seen or heard of Bigfoot sightings within a couple of miles of our encounter.

OTHER WITNESSES: Hunting Rabbits.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is swampy. Near the Wabash River. Within almost a stones throw. Just west of Silver Island Road at the bottom of a hill. To the east is dense thickets and woods

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