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Report # 25031  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, November 11, 2008.
Bird hunter surprises a resting sasquatch near Curtisville
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YEAR: 2008


MONTH: October

DATE: tues

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Oscoda County



OBSERVED: Im 41 and have hunted this area in Northern Michigan a lot, First let me begin with what I have seen several times in an area That I have Bird hunted 100s of times..

For years I have hunted grouse along a cedar swamp that runs along a farmers field, there is a spot where i have found numerous bones and some kind of scat, I thought it was a coyote that was feeding on the farmers cows or an area were a coyote would drag deer( I'm not sure what kind of bones but they looked like cow or deer)

The grouse would often flush from the trees so I just figured a coyote or bear was in the area a lot.. the area is a straight shot and it runs about 2 miles and has alot of downed trees and is really an ankle break type of hunt lots of stumps and holes where tress have been uprooted..

Last week while hunting I noticed what I thought was a dead bear about 30 yards to my right( I only looked in that direction because of very foul odor), it was hairy and just laying there, it looked out of place and had no movement . the area I hunt is very moist and soft so you can be very quiet.. Just to make sure it wasn't a wounded bear I grabbed a fallen tree limb and started hitting a tree. what ever this was looked in my direction and jumped to its feet( it was standing upright) it really got up in a hurry and made a quick exit and it was running upright away from me.

. the noise it made running through the woods was a very loud crashing so I knew it was a very large animal..

after the sighting I went over to where it was laying and noticed a large bedding area that had ground dug up and a fallen tree to the east of the bed or resting area .. it was the last day of my hunt I took a few pictures with my camera phone but the images didnt come out very clear.. My next trip up to that area is in 10 days so I plan on taking more quality pictures.. Im not sure what I saw it could have been a wounded bear that was hit with an arrow that couldn't use its front legs( I didn't see any blood) but it was upright and it looked like a " Bigfoot" .. I'm still a little shook up about the whole thing and I'm embarrassed to tell anyone..

My gut tells me it was not a bear my head tells me it wasnt a "bigfoot" sorry if this story isnt what your looking for..

I wrote this story about a month ago and was embarrassed to submit it, The more I thought about what I saw the more I can remember looking at it and expecting to see a bear ,it was puzzling to expect to see a bear and then you see something you cant explain .. Ive asked myself a 1000 times could this have been a bear, maybe it hurt its front legs and was forced to try to escape on its hind legs.. But it moved to fast and navigated around tress to easy for it to be a wounded bear.. then when It looked at me I expected to see a long face of a bear but it wasn’t .. The one thing I noticed more then anything is it had a very large rear end.. I haven't been back but when I do go back I will take pictures of the area.. still kind of shook up about the whole experience and I try to relive the encounter over and over again in my mind.. I haven't told anyone and I doubt I will, its a very big part of my life now and seriously has put me in a very bad state of mind with many questions. I planned on going back up to the area the following weeks but have not...

ALSO NOTICED: described in the report



TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2pm.. nice weather . lighting good but not bright due to thick cover.

ENVIRONMENT: described in report

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

I talked with the witness at length by phone about the incident. He stated that the entire encounter lasted only about 5 seconds. He stated that he smelled the animal before he sighted it, thinking there was something dead in the area. It was laying on the other side of a fallen tree. As soon as he struck the tree with the tree branch, it immediately jumped up and ran away with great speed. He is not sure if it was black or very dark brown. The fur was kind of matted in places and looked to be about 3 or 4 inches long. He stated several times in the conversation that the one thing he remembers most clearly is the enormous size of the hind end of the animal (buttocks). He stated that the hind end was just enormous and very powerful looking. The bedding area had the fallen log on one side, and the entire area had the ground scraped up and cleared, with about 8 to 12 inch sides where it apparently pushed up the soil and debris.

I am planning on meeting the witness in the location after firearms deer season ends.

About BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

Don Peer lives in northern Michigan and has studied the bigfoot phenomenon all his life. He has attended numerous Michigan expeditions and co-organized the 2011 Michigan BFRO expedition. He is an avid outdoorsman and works for the Michigan Department of Corrections.
Don Peer may be contacted at

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