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Report # 25484  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, February 14, 2009.
Woman witnesses tall creature looking into her kitchen window near Woodstock
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YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 02/05/2009

STATE: Connecticut

COUNTY: Windham County

LOCATION DETAILS: We live on route 197 not far from Bigelow Hollow State Park. We have deer, bobcats and have heard of the occasional cougar sighting.



OBSERVED: At about 2 am I woke up and went downstairs to get a drink of milk because I had leg cramps. While standing at the kitchen island counter I noticed movement at the kitchen window directly in front of me. I saw what looked like a face look around the side of the window with 2 large red glowing eyes. I was so startled I dropped down behind the counter with my cat and when I peaked over the eyes were gone.
I walked over to the spot light switch for the back yard flipped it on but didn't see anything.It may have moved back to the side of the window where I couldn't see it.

ALSO NOTICED: Both my husband and I have heard weird vocalizations in the early AM

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me and my cat my husband was upstairs sleeping. We have an aged golden retriver who had been restless earlier that evening.



ENVIRONMENT: very heavily forested behind us

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake (PhD):

A 30 min. phone interview was conducted with the witness, with a subsequent follow-up site interview and investigation one week later. The following additional information was collected:

The witness lives in a 2 story house with the kitchen in the rear of the house. The kitchen has two sets of rear windows that overlook woods approximately 20 yards from the back of the house. As the witness initially approached the kitchen down a hallway from the front of the house, she thought she saw initial movement in front of the kitchen window, but was not certain. At this point the only light source was from a kitchen stove light.

When the witness entered the kitchen she turned on an overhead kitchen light, and turned her back to the window to remove the milk from refrigerator. When she turned back around she observed two, golf ball sized, red eyes peering into her rear kitchen window. She described the eyes as being set farther apart than human eyes, with possible light grey skin under each eye. She maintained eye contact with the animal that she estimated to be 7 feet tall for approximately 5-6 seconds before ducking down behind an island counter between her and the kitchen window.

After turning on her backyard spot light and not seeing anything, she quickly went back upstairs and turned on an additional set of exterior flood lights that cover the front and one side of the house. She looked out the front and side windows for approximately 30 seconds, and not seeing any movement, went back to bed.

The next morning the witness inspected the area in front of the rear kitchen window where the animal had been standing and noticed two foot-like impressions in ground cover ferns located immediately beneath the window.

During the on-site investigation, the height from the ground cover ferns located below the kitchen window to the point on the window where the witness reported seeing the animalís two eyes was measured at 6 feet 10 inches. The witness is an artist and provided a pencil drawing of the two eyes she observed. The eyes depicted in the sketch had a primate-like appearance.

The house sits on a 4 acre lot surrounding by woods on two sides with a small pond stocked with fish approximately 40 yards from the side of the house. A family room window overlooks the pond and a few times in the evening over the past few months the witness mentioned having a sensation of being observed from the wood line which lies on the other side of the pond. The property has numerous bird feeders, including a set of three that sit approximately 50 yards away from the house. The witness mentioned that she has found one of the bird feeders turned over on several occasions. The property is replete with numerous blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes, along with grape vines, apple, pear and peach trees. The witness frequently observes deer on her property and has seen fisher cats and a bobcat in the woods near her house. Scouting of the woods immediately adjacent to the house did not reveal anything unusual.

The witness also provided additional information of interest. Several months earlier she mentioned hearing an unusual vocalization while retrieving the morning paper around 6:30am. She described hearing a distant howl from across the road south of her property that started as a low pitch moan and rose to a higher pitch wail of approximately 10-15 second duration. She mentioned that her husband has heard similar howls in the late evening hours.

A second incident occurred a few weeks prior to the early morning encounter in which the witness had prepared a chicken stew in a large pot and placed it on a table on the rear deck overnight to cool. She stated that she had covered the pot with a lid and had placed a large brick on top of the lid. The next morning she discovered the brick and lid lying on her deck with large amounts of chicken stew splattered out over the side of the pot and onto the table. She described the scene as if a something had reached into the pot and lifted out some of the liquid contents.

This early morning incident occurred approximately 10 miles from Bigelow Hollow State Park and the adjacent Nipmuck State Forest which together form one of the largest unbroken forest areas (>9,000 acres) in Eastern Connecticut. Nipmuck is the second oldest state forest in Connecticut with ancient stands of laurel, hemlock, white pine and oak. The region has several deep gorges and stream valleys defined by alternating north-south trending ridges and wetland systems and contain abundant wildlife.


Updated to add witness' sketch:

About BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake (PhD):

D. Brake holds a PhD in Immunology and attended the Maine 2008 expedition.

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