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Report # 25722  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 29, 2009.
Possible reoccurring activity at a hunting spot near Republic
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YEAR: 2006


MONTH: October

DATE: 14

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Ferry County

LOCATION DETAILS: Its a hunting location very close to canada on the far north east corner of washington


NEAREST ROAD: Rose Valley road

OBSERVED: My cousin and I were hunting up a dead end road, and were sitting outside our truck waiting for a buck to show up. We had gotten out of the truck originally because we had seen two does on the right side of the vehicle in a empty pond. On the our left side we were hearing branches break and bushes move, hoping it was a big buck. After waiting 20 minutes or so, we changed our position to in order to hopefully get a better angle as to what was making noise in the brush, when doing so the two does went north of our position trotting away, less than 15 seconds after that we both heard a sound like a deep roar tailing off to a squealing sound at the same time, an undescribable sound, not a bear, wolf, coyote or cat. Literally seconds after that the same two deer sprinted past us within just 5 to 7 feet as if we werent there and the least of the their concern. After they ran a few seconds after that we heard heavy footed running along the ridgeline above the empty pond, and at this point we ran in the vehicle and took off. The running on the ridgline was not a trot, or four legged run, these were distinctly two legs running weighing alot because we could hear the ground smashing.

ALSO NOTICED: Well not too far from out first area where me and my cousin have experienced our first ordeal, we were up in republic up in the hills hunting by some very old mines and we were walking the trail and we were hearing clicking noises, like wood against wood, in durations of two with about 15 second pauses in between, going from left to right to behind us, which we thought absolutely nothing of it but from just critters making noise, but the odd thing was it followed us with those clicking noises for about 2 miles until we got out of the trail then it stopped. every year we are up there we experience something along these lines and think nothing of it, but it is in the same hunting spot every year where this occurs.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, we were hunting for buck deer, and as being close to deers being in rut we were hoping to see a buck around these two does

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5 p.m. still daylight getting ready to approach dusk

ENVIRONMENT: pine forsest, near empty pond, similiar to swamp, not too far from some mountians and farm land.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Derek Freel:

I have spoken with the witness several times over the past few months. This man has a very sound knowledge of the area, his experiences come along with a detailed knowledge of the typical animals that inhabit the area. It is my understanding that this person is a very avid outdoorsman, spending the majority of his time hunting or hiking. The experiences outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the continuing activity that is usually associated with Sasquatch inhabiting an area. I plan to keep in touch and hope to join him in a few outings in the near future. I hope to obtain some pictures of possible stick structures and a possible "nest" that Randy suspects he found in the area.

The area that this report took place is very near to the town of Republic. This is a very rural and isolated area. I encourage anyone else who has had a possible experience in this area, or the northern end of Okanogan County to please file a report.

About BFRO Investigator Derek Freel:

Derek Freel grew up near Okanogan, Washington, and currently lives in the Kennewick area. He has studied the subject of sasquatch for many years, and was very lucky to have encountered the animals on several BFRO Expeditions. Derek is taking an active role in bringing these animals into mainstream science. He attended the 2005 Washington Expedition, 2006 Redwoods Expedition, 2006 Oregon Expedition and the 2006 Washington Expedition.

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