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Report # 26035  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 25, 2009.
Possible vocalizations heard and large footprints found near Malo
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YEAR: 05

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: first week

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Ferry County

LOCATION DETAILS: republic north on 21 hwy. to malo turn east. to fork in road take north fork until you get to blue place road. go on blue place road until you go over cattleguard. you will be below the hill.

NEAREST TOWN: Malo, Washington

NEAREST ROAD: St. Peters creek/blue place road

OBSERVED: I'm going to put down three different incidents that has happened since I move to the mountains of northeast washington. The first I have already reported. It happened back in march of '05. It was about 1 or 1:30 in the morning and it was pretty warm in my room, so I got up to open the window. As I was standing there let the cool air hit my face I heard a cry that was kind of what I would have to say a moan/growl. It was coming from the hill that is in front of the house I live at. I have lived up here since '96 so I get to hear the sounds of nature and I can say for sure this wasn't anything I've ever heard before. I didn't even think it could be a bigfoot until the next week when I told my dad. He told me son I think you heard a bigfoot. I wasen't ready for that, then he tried to tell me what it would sound like from what other people reported and that was what I heard that night.
The second is like the first close to where I heard the first. I was on a back road between my house and the next road over. It was dusk out and I was coming to an intersection just before I got to a cattleguard when I heard something. I stopped and turned off my truck to listen better. I stuck my head out the window when I heard the some type of moan/growl as in first. This time I got pretty excited. It was coming from behind and on a high bald hill to the east of where I was. This incident happened in august of '08.
Now for number three. This happened back in '08 but in Febuary when there was snow on the ground which dosen't make walking very easy. Well I went to this hill over looking the area I live which is above my friends place. I have walked this same area for awhile and this is this first time I ever found a foot print. As I was starting to climb out of a dip in the hill there it was. I thought it was weird for someone to be out in the snow in their bare feet. As I stood there looking at the print I remember what I read in some reports find something to compare the size to. Two problems one I didn't get my digital camera until may and all I had to compare the size to was my size 13 foot. The size of that print out did me by three sizes. Can someone tell me I have a 13 foot and stand at 6'. This out did me by three sizes, what was the size of the creature that made that print.

ALSO NOTICED: heard nice again in '08 and found a foot print that out sized mine by three sizes.


OTHER STORIES: yes. a man back on art creek road said that he had one in his yard.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: night dark, warm inside cool out, clear.

ENVIRONMENT: forest hill covered with pine,fir. it goes back to forest service area(colville forest)

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Charles Lamica:

I met the witness in person and found him to be a polite, soft-spoken man in his mid-thirties. He says he never thought much about the bigfoot mystery until after he heard his first howl in 2005.

The witness has heard vocalizations on two separate occasions. The first was in March of 2005 and the second was in August of 2008. He says both sounded similar and described them as something “between a scream and a growl”. The 2005 incident lasted less than a minute. He was able to listen to the 2008 vocalizations for about five minutes. He has since listened to the recordings on the BFRO website and says the 1973 Whoop-Howl from Puyallup, Washington recording was so similar to what he had experienced that “It sent chills up my spine".

In February 2008 the witness was hiking along dirt roads near his home when he found a set of tracks in about three or four inches of snow. He had no way of accurately measuring the track. By placing his size 13 boot in one of the tracks he determined it was about four or five inches longer and about two inches wider than his boot. (After seeing the witness’s shoes, I would estimate the tracks he saw to be about 17 inches long and 7 inches wide.) The prints showed five toes, which were slightly splayed apart. As with human footprints, the first toe was obviously larger than the others. The tracks came from a grove of pine trees, crossed a dirt road and continued on the other side of the road. He did not try to follow the tracks for any distance. The witness is almost six feet tall. He says when he tried to match the track strides he discovered them to be a foot or more longer than his own strides.

The area around the witness’ home is hilly, forested land. There are creeks and streams nearby. The area supports a large population of deer, wild turkeys and some elk.

About BFRO Investigator Charles Lamica:

Chuck Lamica's interest in sasquatch started at the age of 8, when his family discovered large footprints near their home in rural Oregon. He was an Alaska State Trooper for 22 years and later worked as a Forest Warden for the Washington Department of Natural Resources. He now lives in northeast Washington state.

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