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Report # 26036  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 25, 2009.
Man describes encounter at a strip mine near Whitesburg
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 09/01/2003

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Letcher County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was so long ago that I cannot even be sure of what town,or hwy was the closest.

NEAREST TOWN: Whitesburg


OBSERVED: I was working as a security guard at a strip mine location in the mountains of ky near Whitesburg. One night after making my rounds I came back to the guard shack, did my report and was just relaxing listening to the rain........that's when I heard a loud crunching sound beside the shack. So I stood up and watched the shadow from under the sides of the was moving towards the door. A few seconds later it was trying to open the door by pulling on it. That's when I yelled what do you want........That was when I heard the most terrifying sound ever, like a screaming howl. And it then began to pull harder on the door. So I got a poker and put it in the coal stove that was our heat source for the got red glowing hot. I then told whaterver it was what i had and was going to do with it if it opened the door. After a few minutes it got quieter and I watched it's shadow move from under the door. After several minutes I made a decision to get to my car..I threw open the door of the guard shack so that the light from inside would show a little outside.and I made a run for my car,got in locked the doors started it up put it in drive and got on the C.B. radio to inform the other guards of what I had just encountered.I stayed the rest of the night in my car.The next morning when my relief showed up I informed him of what I had encountered and I looked for footprints.but the heavy rainy made it difficult to find any that would be useful. But I know what it was without a was A Sasquatch!!

ALSO NOTICED: Just a feeling of pure dread when it was pulling on the door.

OTHER WITNESSES: no I was alone.

OTHER STORIES: not sure.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It occured around 12:00 midnight The weather was stormy and raining very hard.

ENVIRONMENT: Strip mines, mountains, some houses no way in or out except by vehicle or 4-wheeler.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Adkins:

I spoke with the witness on 6/6/09. He was working for a private security company at the strip mine which was very remote with only one access road in or out. The witness has compared the scream he heard to internet recordings of sasquatches, and said that the screams were very similar. Also, he later learned that other security guards had refused to work at the site, due to other strange and frightening things happening there. The witness has been very interested in learning about sasquatches since his encounter.

About BFRO Investigator Don Adkins:

Don works in manufacturing for a major global consumer goods company. He attended North Carolina 2007 and Tennessee Expedition 2009. Also the 2010 Illinois and Tennessee Expeditions.

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