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Report # 26116  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, June 11, 2009.
Man has close encounter near Oregon border
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YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Spring



STATE: California

COUNTY: Siskiyou County



NEAREST ROAD: Upper Applegate Rd

OBSERVED: Hello, my name is Thomas G., I live in Medford, Oregon, I travel to the Applegate Region, Del Norte,Humbold regions quite often, mostly Applegate in the Red Buttes Wilderness, I had a confirmed sighting June 3, 2009, and have had strange occurances since 07 in this area.

I'm still very emotional about with what I seen, and can describe every moment. I didn't know what was gunna become of me, because it's weird trying to anticipate what it was going to do, it was 50 yards are closer to me, I watched as it ducked behind some brush by a boulder on the hill, looking down upon me. 6-7 foot tall before ducking down behind brush, ovalish head, Reddish/Dark brown fur, I seen the sulight shining off of it's shoulders which were as big as a linebackers with full gear, amber/brown eyes, flat faced, long hair matted, and big ass eyes staring straight through me, I was crippled in fear until the adrenaline started to kick in, and I ran, and jumped down the hill which was about 8 feet above the road, ran into my car, told my friend who was with me by the river, to get into the car now, we need to go, and I didn't stop until I got home, and out of the woods. I had planned to spend the day there swimming, and fishing the Applegate River, I have to say we were only there for less than an hour, 60 miles away from my house, so it'd be a waste of gas to take that trip for only an hour, I left my house at 9:30a.m. and was back by 11:15, I admit I was speeding the whole way to my house.

If it were a bear, it would of crashed off into the woods before I even would of known it was there, cuz it would of known I was there, or if it were a Mountain Lion, I probably wouldn't be typing this to you. I know what I saw, it wasn't a bear or cougar, they don't walk on their hind legs. I grew up in the Wilderness of Klamath Falls, Oregon, I've seen the animals that God has put on this planet, and this isn't anything I've seen before except on all these videos of sightings, Think of Patty, that's what I saw, I dunno if it was threatening at all, it was to me, there's been alot of unsaid sighting that happen in the Red Buttes Wilderness which extends from the Ore/Cal boarder, to hwy 96 Siskyou county, Saied Valley, Happy Camp, Indian Creek Road, Oregon Caves National Monument, and prolly 1000's of more.I read on a report that a hippy farmer from Talkemla says that he and his cohorts since they were little have been warned about the bigfoot living in this area, and that they are highly territorial,aggressive, and traveling into this area, is putting yourself in oppotunity/danger of running into one of these creatures.

please contact me, nobody else will, I'm not frauding,making this shit up or anything.





Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brandon Kiel:

I spoke with the witness for quite some time six days after the sighting. I can add the following to the report:

The witness, his 15 month old daughter, and a male friend were in the area to swim and fish. The terrain in the area is very heavily forested with a lot of old growth redwoods, oak, manzanita, and very dense fern growth. They had been at the location for approximately 20 minutes when he wandered off from the other two to look for lizards. It was at this point that he heard what he described as "thumping"; when he looked he saw the animal 100 feet up a hill from him. As the encounter began, the animal very slowly and slightly crouched down, as if to conceal itself. In front of the animal was some oak/manzanita scrub. It's left arm was positioned behind a large, upright boulder.

The witness and the animal regarded one another for close to a minute and he was able to get a very good look at its features and anatomy.

He describes the body hair as a reddish brown, long, and shaggy. There was matting in spots, particularly around the upper shoulder and head, though the arms seemed to be smooth and groomed. He noted debris in the body hair. He described the hair of the animals head as being "like bad bedhead; like it has just woken up". He also notes that the hair on the head was a darker brown than the body.

The eyes were "three times as large as a human being's eyes". He notes that they were an amber brown, with very little white at the edges.

The nose was flat with large nostrils: "a pig/monkey kind of nose". He notes that the nostrils seemed very much set apart.

The lips were very full and thick. He never saw gums, teeth, or a tongue.

The ears stuck out a bit, but were fairly flat to the head. They had no hair on them, though they were the color of dirt.

There was no hair on the nose or along the jawline. The hair on the face was "patchy at best". Around the eyes was a very light, fine gray hair.

He reports seeing no neck: "it was like the head just sat right on the shoulders".

The shoulders are described as being "huge; very much like a football player with padding on, almost overly muscular like a professional body builder.

He was able to see to the mid-chest area. The chest was "definitely male, there were no female breasts". The chest was lightly covered with hair and he could see a dirty reddish/peach colored skin tone underneath.

He notes that the animal only blinked twice that he can recall during the entire encounter. The expression on its face at first was fairly benign, but as the time passed turned into a slight scowl, and the witness got the feeling that the animal didn't want him there.

There were no noise or sounds made by the animal during the encounter.

The witness finally turned and left the area and was then struck with a deep urge to leave the area. He took his daughter and friend and immediately drove away. He describes himself as being very emotional and the he "cried most of the way home", though he was not able to explain exactly why.

The last statement the witness made to me that he felt important to the report was that "this was a very, very beautiful animal".

The witness notes that the area, while remote, is popular with swimmers and fisherman. He has had two incidents in years passed near this area. One involving rocks being thrown at him and a few male friends. This incident involved a group of three men and two women camping in the area in 2007 over Labor Day. Around 11pm they heard something large splashing in the water, Shortly thereafter something began throwing pine cones into their camping area. They initially thought it was other campers playing a prank so they threw the pine cones back. This was returned by a 15lb rock being hurled at them. Their 95lb pit bull ran towards the "thrower" only to return a few seconds later, running into the truck and refusing to come out. It was at this time they they abandoned their campsite (gear and all) and left the area. When they returned to the location the next day, their tents had been messed up with some being knocked down. Their ice chest with all the meat and food in it was nowhere to be found but the witness' wallet with $150.00 in it was still there.

About BFRO Investigator Brandon Kiel:

Brandon Kiel is a professional photographer and naturalist living in the Bay Area.

He was the chief coordinator of Northern California Expeditions for 7 years and has planned/attended more than 20 expeditions throughout the US.

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