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Report # 2744  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 2, 2001.
Large figure crosses the road in dawn hours near Battleground
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YEAR: 83 or 84

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 15th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Clark County

LOCATION DETAILS: You go through main street in Battleground and keep going. Im not sure what is there now but it used to be that when you hit our corner if you turned right there was still black top but if you went straight it was a gravel road and to the left was a logging road.

NEAREST TOWN: BattleGround


OBSERVED: I was either a freshman or sophmore in high school (I graduated in 86). It was about 7:30am and I was waiting for the bus stop (we lived on the corner of a dead end road at the top of a hill across the road was nothing but woods and logging roads. If you keep going straight it goes downhill on a gravel road and there were two trailers back there at the top of the hill. Our creek ran under the road at the bottom). I was waiting for the bus and was looking down the gravel road because there was light and I was a little nervous waiting and I saw something cross the road in one step where the creek runs under the road. The road is big enough for two cars to pass by each other. Whatever it was big and, no, it wasn't a bear; I had seen bears in zoos before and it wasn't any animal that I had seen before.
I got scared and went back to the house and turned on the lights.
I did not tell anyone about this. But there were always feelings when we were out in the woods that something was watching us.
I don't ever remember hearing any screams or anything but we were fairly quiet people, those of us who lived on the road and at times it stunk; we were told we had skunk weed growing down at the creek.
the kids always talked how Bigfoot lived on Bells Mountain. That wasn't too far away as the crow flies

ALSO NOTICED: It scared me really bad. But nothing else out of the ordinary.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me. I was waiting for the bus. I think I was having a cigarette.

OTHER STORIES: We had just heard that Big Foot lived on Bells Mountain. It was nothing we talked too much about just kids mentioning it.
I think one of my friends ( I have no idea where she is now) had said at one point that one had come in her yard when she lived there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning, the sun was coming up but hadn't reached our house.

ENVIRONMENT: Where I was standing was wooded. At the bottom of the hill (I stood at the top), where the thing crossed the road, was a creek and fairly swampy. I think there used be an old cabin because us kids had found old broken bottles and things when we went looking around that area one time. It was a fairly steep hill.
On either side of the area was woods we owned the land to the right and it was never cleared. the other side of the road I think is State owned.

Follow-up investigation report:

In the telephone conversation I had with the witness, she described an earlier time when a goat that had been killed and the rear quarters eaten on. The hide had been rolled tightly from the rear end up past the flanks, then it had its meal.

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