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Report # 27743  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 17, 2010.
Man recalls his late night sighting outside the town of Washington
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YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Spring

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Warren County

NEAREST TOWN: Washington,N.J 07882

NEAREST ROAD: Cemetery Hill Rd.

OBSERVED: it was spring 1981 and I was driving around some country roads with a friend listening to music when the tape jammed. I pulled over to fix it but left the car running & headlights on. I looked up from the tape & saw the bushes moving on the opposite side of the road,I assumed it was deer. I was wrong. I started to fix the tape again when my buddy said "what the hell is that" I looked up to see a very large gray haired creature stepping out of the bushes. It walked on 2 legs like a man,was around 5 or 600 lbs & stood over 7ft tall. I'm basing the height on my buddy with me who was 6ft 8in tall. It walked out into the road about 15 yards in front of us & just stopped & looked at us for a few seconds then just walked across the road into the woods & started up a hill. it had human like hands,feet &face covered in long gray hair.


OTHER STORIES: about 8 miles away in Mansfield twp

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11 or so pm on a clear night my headlights illuminated it completely.

ENVIRONMENT: rural wooded area

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness for about an hour over the phone.

The witness, now 47 years of age, took so long to report his encounter to the BFRO due to fear of ridicule he received over the years when mentioning his sighting. I inquired about speaking to his friend but he had lost contact with him over the past ten years.

In the witness’ words the animal he and his friend had seen was not a deer or a bear, this creature was very comfortable walking upright, very tall and extremely wide. It casually took a few huge steps across the road and vanished up the hill into the woods. He wanted to follow the creature out of curiosity but his friend thought differently; locking the vehicle door and saying he was not getting out unless they had rifles.

Till this day he cannot believe that such an animal could be present in New Jersey. He was aware of sightings in the western part of the country, but in New Jersey…
He was an avid hunter in his younger years and is quite familiar with the local wildlife commonly found in and around the state of New Jersey.

The witness recounted stories told by an old herb farmer that lived and farmed in the area back in the time of his sighting who by now surely has passed away. The herb farmer used to tell them about strange noises, screams, howls, etc. coming from the woods surrounding his farm. He also mentioned the feeling of being watched while working in his green house on several occasions. His two hunting dogs were acting very peculiar and fearful, which was unusual. He also stated this all seemed to start happening after clear cutting took place for a new housing development, as if whatever the cause of the strange happenings in and around the farm was driven from the woods where it used to live.

In addition to this, the witness recalled local reports at the time of chicken farms being rampaged and large bare human-like tracks being found in and around the farms, although no one living in the area took these reports seriously. This all took place a few years before the sighting.

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