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Report # 27768  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 23, 2010.
Memory shared of a daylight sighting while searching for bottles along a rural road outside Garrett
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YEAR: 1972

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Ellis County

LOCATION DETAILS: Garrett is a small rural town off of Highway 45. Sleepy Hollow is a back road East of Garrett that leads to Ennis a bigger town. The road then was dirt road, only one house nearby. it is developed now.

NEAREST TOWN: In-between Ennis & Garrett

NEAREST ROAD: Sleepy Hollow Road

OBSERVED: My sister and our friend were picking up coke bottles for cash to buy gas for my sister's volkswagon. She was driving while our friend and I walked along side. We heard this extremely loud roar like scream that we had never heard before. We were country kids who grew up in the country and knew all the animals in the area & heard every sound they all make except for this one. It was so loud you could feel it in your stomach. My friend went in the window, I flew in through the sun-roof shouting for my sister to take off. About 300 yards up the hill we looked back & there stood in the middle of the road an extremely tall, brownish-red hair covered creature, standing on two feet like a man. It had walked out of the shade & was standing in the evening sun. You could tell that it had the body of a large man except this reddish brown hair covered it's body. His arms were down to it's side and appeared longer than ours. Area now has been developed. Never seen it since, not that we ever went looking for it. Would love to see it again though.

ALSO NOTICED: Prior to hearing this loud scream like roar, it smelled, we thought something must have gotten run over on the road, but there was nothing ran over.

OTHER WITNESSES: My sister Carolyn was 14 driving her old volkswagon while Cathy 12, our friend and myself, Anita 10 picked up coke bottles to turn in at store for gas money for her volkswagon.

OTHER STORIES: Not many people went down this road, it was a spookey road, heavily treed road, trees were over the road which made it dark shadey all the time.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Aroung 7:00 p.m. Heavily treed dirt road, lots of shade. Weather was clear.

ENVIRONMENT: There was an old wooden bridge that went over a seasonal creek which ran through this heavily large acerage. So many trees we couldn't ride our horses through it. Low hanging trees, such as hardwood, cedar & mesquite.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

I spoke with the witness by phone. In addition to her written report, the witness mentioned that she did not see the creature’s face, but described its shape as being very muscular and estimated it was about 6 1/2 feet tall with 3-4 inch hair covering its body. She did not see it leave the road and did not come back to look for other evidence. She also mentioned that their car had just run out gas and they had switched to a small reserve tank to get it started.

I found the witness to be sincere and very sure of details of the encounter that happened many years ago.

Although this area is now very developed, I have spoken with other witnesses and investigated other reports of encounters near this location. Some of these encounters have occurred more recently. See report #27564.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

Gary is a retired USAF pilot, a Vietnam veteran with 312 combat missions in the B-52. He also retired from American Airlines in 2008 after 18 years service as a flight training manager. A graduate of USAF ground and sea survival schools, Gary is an avid bird hunter and fisherman. He has been following the bigfoot phenomenon since the 1950's.

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