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Report # 28087  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 4, 2010.
Possible nighttime encounter while camping at Shi Shi Beach
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 25

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Clallam County

LOCATION DETAILS: Directions to the site: Drive through Neah Bay on the Makah Reservation and continue down towards the trailhead (near the fish hatchery). Take the trail a few miles to the beach, go down the switchbacks at the very end of the trail. Go to the beach and go N for 100 yards. There will be a rocky/cliff divider between the main beach and the smaller northern one. This is the ridge I am referring to and we were camped just north of it along the cliff wall, about 50-75 feet further.

NEAREST TOWN: Neah Bay / Shi Shi Beach N.


OBSERVED: At 3:45 in the morning on Shi Shi Beach N., myself and two other backpackers woke up to the sounds of my dog running after something. The dog ran 50 feet away from our sleeping site on the beach to the ridge that separated the N and lower beaches. There were sounds of grappling/contact between my dog and the animal. I thought it was a raccoon that my dog had attacked but when I ran to the area underneath the ridge I saw an enormous figure in the dark. The first words to come out of my mouth were "identify yourself!" The figure made no growling sound, no sound as it moved, and had no backpack or headlamp. I think it kicked the dog to get away from it. After my friend comes up behind me and grabs the dog somehow, I manage to find the headlamp after 5 minutes. Before we can turn it on and look at the ridge, my friend looks over my shoulder and sees a human figure/torso approach the top of the ridge, set its hand down on a large rock next to it, and then disappear. He remarked about the size of its arms in comparison to the rest of its body. During the initial struggle, my friend also notes a sound he heard. It was an elk-like horn sound that was similar to moaning. I didn't feel like the sound was directed at me but we were in a cove and the figure was fleeing - sounds bounce around. My friend also suggested the idea that the figure ran UP the ridge at a 35 degree angle which is not possible for a human. I convinced myself that it was a human assailant coming to steal our backpacking gear... Yet the figure did not identify itself, was not wearing a headlamp, and somehow scaled the cliff in pitch black. By far the creepiest backpacking experience I have ever had.

ALSO NOTICED: We had left some food out and had a dog that shouldn't have been there.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three people. We were sleeping.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:45 AM, full moonlight

ENVIRONMENT: The small beach area has grey sand, lots of cool rock formations out in the water and there are a few pre-made pits and campsites along the stretch.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ghee Bouche':

The witness was contacted by phone. When discussing details he added that they had cooked a marinated pork tenderloin for dinner and had placed the remainder of their meal in a tinfoil wrapper on a cliff, 50' from where the "individual" was spotted. Initially their dog ran from the sleeping area to the location of the animal and may have been slightly injured by the creature as it had a slight difficulty in walking the next day. After Charles had made initial contact with the figure standing on the incline of a hill near to and slightly above them, he noted the fact that the creature did not move or respond in anyway after he yelled "identify yourself." He decided to run back to the sleeping location to get a head lamp. When he returned his friend was holding the dog and exclaimed that the "neck-less" figure was now at the top of the ridge and exiting their location.

About BFRO Investigator Ghee Bouche':

An avid back country hiker and outdoors man, Ghee Bouche' has experienced Sasquatch behavior and worked with expeditions in the northwest to collect data on this species for their future protection and increased cultural awareness. He is the author of "The Night Tribe" and co-lead in the 2013 BFRO expedition of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

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