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Report # 28210  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, September 8, 2010.
Three fishermen returning home late at night have close contact with a Bigfoot near Southwest City
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 9-6-10

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: McDonald County

LOCATION DETAILS: It happened the north end of main street.Right beside honey creek.

NEAREST TOWN: south west city missouri

NEAREST ROAD: main street

OBSERVED: It was 1250 am labor day. Was on the way home fishing with two buddies.I was taking one home when he said what is that a big dog up ahead.There was a trash can up ahead and something was trying to hide behind it but was too big. I go fifteen feet from the trash can and it stood up.I never in my life was i prepared for what i saw,We all looked at it and i pulled in real fast and it took off in front of my head lights ten foot from us.It had long hair about 5 or six inches long and turned and looked at us twice to see if we were on his tail i guess.This was a face to face incounter with this thing. He had his head in a trash can eating something.Thats how we got so close he didn't see us comeing. He left a foot print behind and the police took a picture of it.What really sucks is no one really take us seriously on this,We all three know what we saw.We was fifteen feet at the most from it the whole time chaseing it with my truck,It ran behind a building where i couldn't drive.I went and looked in the trash can to see what he was eating.There was some trash some one threw in there that had some mcdonalds.cupcakes and a chocolate milk container in it.The bank is right across the street from where we spotted the thing.I know that theres a good chance they might have it on one of their cameras.Theres a bunch of cameras pointing all over the bank if theres footage its some good stuff.

ALSO NOTICED: There are a bunch of to go boxes of food and trash by the creek where something has been takeing food out of the trash can and eating it by the creek.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two other witnesses in the truck with we.Thay saw it plain as day for about 8 seconds in front of my truck fifteen feet away .trying to run from my truck.

OTHER STORIES: No i haven't the closest one is newton county 25 miles away.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It happend at 1250 am sept 6 2010.Ther were pole lighst on and my head lights on it fifteen feet from me.

ENVIRONMENT: There a bridge where the creek runs under the end of the bridge is the trash can it was digging in.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Larry Newman:

On September 12, six days after the sighting, Investigator Ron Boles and I met with the witnesses at the location of the sighting. After several hours of interviews and inspection of the site, we located an additional footprint. The footprint was 16 inches long and 8 inches wide. The following details of the sighting are as follows.

The passenger in the vehicle was the first one to notice something beside the trash can as they approached. At about 120 feet from the trash can the creature ducked down behind the can and attempted to hide. At first the witnesses thought it might be a dog, but then realized it was something else. As they drew even with the trash can the creature turned away from it and began to run away on four legs. The witnessed turned off of the street and began to follow it. As they pulled up along side the creature it was then about 6 feet from the drivers side of the front of the truck. It turned to look at them while on all fours and they stopped the truck. As it passed across in front of the truck at a distance of 10 feet it stood on two legs and walked ahead of them. It then looked at them over its left shoulder, turned and walked behind a building to the creek.

The witnesses described the hair on the back of the creature and the stocky build. They described a creature about 6 to 7 feet tall with a shoulder width of about 3 feet. Very heavy muscular legs, arms and body. The face had a wide flat nose, black around the eye area and small ears. They described the muscles in the arms, legs, and body to be pronounced and defined which would have been impossible to distinguish in any type of fake suit. The hair (not fur) was 4 to 5 inches in length on the lower back and 2 to three inches in length over the rest of the body. The hair was a reddish brown color and not messy and matted as often described. The face was black.

This area is about 20 miles from Jay, Oklahoma where other sightings have occurred. The area of Honey Creek and the east side of the city is densely wooded.

After this lengthy and detailed interview we believe this to be a close contact Class A sighting. Investigation is continuing and this report will be updated when additional information is available.

About BFRO Investigator Larry Newman:

Life long hunter and fisherman with tracking skills.
Fall 2009 Missouri expedition.
Retired Law Enforcement investigator and certified crime scene investigator. Also experienced and trained in interview techniques and written statement analysis.

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