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Report # 2858  (Class B)
Submitted by Kyle M. on Monday, June 23, 1997.
A sheriff's Deputy Discusses Reports in the Area
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YEAR: 1987

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: California

COUNTY: Sierra County

OBSERVED: On my web page I describe the UFO sighting I had a little more than two years ago. I also mention that Bigfoot had been seen in the area a few weeks previously (about four weeks, actually). Well, I tracked down the newspaper article I remembered reading about the Bigfoot sighting, here it is:

[Editor's note: see related media article below.]

(Note: this should not be construed as an attempt to link Bigfoot and UFO's or promote any sort of underlying connection between them. I think it's a sheer coincidence, *if* the Bigfoot sighting did occur.)

The fact that the "two main umbrella organizations for logging and lumber companies in Oregon" (which are not named) may indicate a hoax. Then again, they may just not have heard of this particular lumber camp.

On the other hand, as Bob Pyle observes in 'Where Bigfoot Walks', it would not seem to be in the interests of the timber industry to promote interest in Bigfoot, a species which if proven to exist (and proven to be endangered) could complicate logging efforts, to say the least.

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