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Report # 30150  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 25, 2011.
Tall dark figure seen during the daytime at the Lake Elmer Thomas Recreational Area
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Comanche County

LOCATION DETAILS: its on lake elmer thomas recreational area. the lake ON post. not off of it.
Theres a road that leads further down the lake that has a small access by gravel/dirt that will lead to the area.. I can show you if possible..

NEAREST TOWN: Lawton / Fort Sill

NEAREST ROAD: backroads towards ranges...

OBSERVED: I was at Lake Elmer Thomas Recreational Area Otherwise known as LETRA, on Fort Sill Oklahoma, I had gone down to lake to show my wife where my friend and I used to go fishing. We parked on an inlet of land leading to a small island that could only be crossed through the water. I pointed to the west to give her a kind of an idea of where it was that my friend Lester and I used to drive down to reach a hidden peninsula where the bass were big. When i looked towards the area which is less than maybe half a mile away you could see the area behind our fishing spot which was just a hill in the wilderness. Thats when i saw a LARGE dark figure walking very fast. My estimations from the size of the creature to from where i was standing, it was probably somewhere around 7-8 feet tall. There is nothing but ranges and wilderness in that area.. there is no reason for anyone to be walking alone that far into wilderness of Fort wife and I quickly left after what i witnessed.. to this day i still havent gone back to that fishing location in fear of what could possibly be there.

ALSO NOTICED: Whatever it was could have possibly seen us before we looked in its direction was making its departure towards deeper wooded areas.. I did not hear anything but it was eerily quiet after that.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife saw only what i went thru she herself did not see creature.

OTHER STORIES: I have not heard of anyone else saying such things.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Daytime, very slight overcast around 1-2pm,

ENVIRONMENT: the area is mountanious, nothing super tall but its a small range of mountains in the area. Sighting was near water where very few fishermen go to fish.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Darnell:

10-5-11 Spoke with Mr. Lopez and met him at Lake LETRA at 18:30. I specifically asked him if he wanted to keep his name private and out of the report. He said that he did not mind if we used his name and printed it in a public report--he said "I have nothing to hide".

He took me to the exact point on the lake where he had his possible sighting. Looking back to the west, it seemed to me about 500 yards away. He said that the creature was "definitely bipedal", and that it was very dark and "black" in color which was odd to him because it was hot and in the summer. He said he saw it walking very fast and covering a big distance in the "2-3 seconds" that he saw it before it disappeared into the tree line.

He is active duty military and seems to be a very credible witness. He told me that he is moving to Virginia in the next month and was very glad to get to tell me his story before he moved. He was admittedly nervous coming back to the spot, and said that he would never go back to that spot by himself. He offered to go over there with me if I wanted to. So, we drove my Element on the back road that led to the exact spot where he saw it walking.

We drove over to the area and jumped two deer as we approached. He studied the spot for a couple of minutes to make sure that it was correct. He again mentioned that the creature was at least half as tall as the trees and was walking right by the tree line for some distance. I estimated the distance to be about 35-40 yards. He said that the creature covered this distance in about 3 seconds. I took a picture of the trees and they are 20-30 feet tall oaks/cedars:

Photo taken of the witness standing next to the trees in the treeline:

He also said that it walked in a NW direction toward the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, west of Mt Scott. Photo taken of the direction it walked:

He was very sure that what he saw was real and that he didn't mistake it for something like an army man in camouflage. "It was black and too big to be a man". He also said that his friends didn't believe him and they told him that he was "crazy". I found him to be quite the opposite and a very credible witness. He had fished at this western edge of the lake and denied ever hearing anything unusual or smelling anything out of the ordinary.

I ride my bicycle around this part of Ft Sill all the time. I see abundant whitetail deer, elk, turkey, and wild hogs in this area. On the refuge there are all of the above as well as longhorns and buffalo.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Darnell:

Robert is a native Oklahoman and has lived in rural NE Oklahoma as well as Southwest OK and SE Arkansas. He grew up hunting and fishing and is an amateur birdwatcher. Hobbies include landscaping, cycling, and fishing. Attended 2011 Fall Oklahoma BFRO expedition and 2012 Oklahoma BFRO private field expedition.

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