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Report # 30753  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, October 5, 2011.
Witness recalls a childhood face to face daylight sighting near his home and night vocalizations outside Gaylord
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YEAR: 1950

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 21

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Otsego County



OBSERVED: I was using the outhouse right after I had woken up at about 9 in the morning. I was in the outhouse when I heard a rustling of leaves and sticks breaking. This wasn't unusual as we have a lot of deer near our house. The noise kept getting closer and closer, at this point I figured that it wasn't a deer because it was coming so close to the out house. I hastly pulled my pants up and opened the door. I saw bigfoot. He was very much like other people had described him tall, hairy, and buff. He looked like an over-sized monkey. As soon as he saw me he took off into the woods. Later that night my whole family heard screams, we assumed it was bigfoot eating a deer but we weren't sure.

OTHER WITNESSES: The rest of my family heard the screams but I was the only one who saw him.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was at 9 oclock in the morning. It was a clear morning with no fog.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman:

The witness has lived near Gaylord his entire life and had heard stories of a "huge monkey that lived in the woods" from the time he was a child. This report is interesting because the sighting occurred before much of the Bigfoot hype, he does not care to talk about the sighting.

After apparently startling the creature when he was 13 years-old by exiting the outhouse, which was only between 50-75 yards away from the home in a field, it "lumbered away" toward the woods. It appeared to be a "dark brown, almost like chocolate, but just a little bit darker." The entire body was covered in hair and it initially made no sound save for the rustling of leaves as it approached. Later that night the entire family heard howls that may have been made by multiple creatures and the witness stated that they sounded similar to the 1978 Whoop-Howl from Snohomish County, Washington, "...only much closer."

Click here for the Snohomish Recording

About BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman:

Jim is a High School History teacher and Track and Cross Country coach. He attended the Michigan Northern Lower Peninsula Expedition in 2011, the Michigan Upper Peninsula Expedition in 2012, co-organized the Michigan UP 2013 Expedition and attended the 2014 Wisconsin Expedition. He assisted in the production of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot Michigan episodes (Bigfoot and Wolverines and Super Yooper). He participates in Ironman Triathlons and enjoys fishing and camping with his wife and daughter. Jim can be contacted at and Twitter @shermanbigfoot and his YouTube account is : Lordcryptid

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