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Report # 3227  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, October 19, 2001.
Creature sighted twice by three men while camping in northern Minn
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YEAR: 1976

SEASON: Summer

DATE: unknown

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Lake Of The Woods County

OBSERVED: jerry,gary and rick where camping in the lake of the woods area in northern part of minnesota near canadin border it in thick forrest terian where you could only go in to by foot or boat they saw what looked like 6.5 6.6 ft hairy figure standing by a tree looking at them when they saw it they tried to get a better look but it ran off but what was the most uprining part is it ran on two legs like a man not on 4 like a animal when they got a little closer to the area it the smellet a stench like rotting feet they left and thought nothing and left and walked down railroad tracks and for about 100 ft there was swamp on both sides of the tracks then a rock about the size of a foot ball went past them form right they thought someone else threw it but they found no one behinde them and around them continued to walk then they seen about a hundred yards up and it ran across the tracks and on the sides of the tracks and found a dry spot to cross then they tried to prusue it but then they left went to camp and told the towns people and some said that they sighted a hairy person too.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was foggy early in the morning but it was a good day for weather

ENVIRONMENT: swamp just woods but realy thick

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke with one of three witnesses. Creature sighted two times during fishing/camping trip near Lake of The Woods in Minnesota. Also, a rock was thrown at but missed hitting the three men as they walked along a RR track.

Creature ran on two legs always, had no clothing on, was covered in fur, had a flat face and made eye contact with the witness. Hairs were found clinging to tree creature had been behind while watching, and tracks were seen at base of this tree. The hair was not collected nor were the tracks cast.

More specific location for this incident not available. Witness did not respond to inquiries about this or to request for permission to contact other two witnesses. Witness spoken to seemed very credible.

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