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Report # 3298  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, November 4, 2001.
Stand-off with motorist at 6AM in fall, near town of Brant Lake
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YEAR: 1992


MONTH: October

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Warren County

LOCATION DETAILS: [Witness requested directions be kept off Web]


NEAREST ROAD: on River Road near Route 8

It was about 6 am on my way to work at [R**** Ranch] when something came from the right side of the road, out of the woods, and forced me to stop or run into it. It is dark that time of morning so it took a few seconds to get my thoughts together. When I did I couldn believe what I was seeing."IT" was somewhere between 7-8 feet tall (at least)with white or light gray hair from head to toe. "IT" was standing 10-12 feet in front of my car directly in the head lights so I had a perfect view. The creature was standing facing the left side of the road with a slight left twist to it's body in my direction. We stared at each other for what seemed to be minutes but I can't say for sure how long it actually was. I had absolutely no fear of this creature, it seemed to have a sad demeaner.

This creature made no sound at all ( like the screams I've heard about) I do not have any reason to believe it was a male or female. Needless to say I have carried my camera every since but I believe that it was a once in a life time incident.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was alone in my car, no witnesses. I started to tell my mom and sister at work when I arrived but said it was a bear because I knew they would think I was crazy. Many months later I told my family, and sure enough they called me crazy.

OTHER STORIES: I have heard that very large footprints have been seen in the Brant Lake area, more specificly the Pharoah Lake area

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late Sept or early Oct. at app. 6am in the dark on a clear day

ENVIRONMENT: . there are pine trees there what else I can't say, it is very close to the Schroon River and there is a bridge close by on route 8.It is between the northway and the .Schroon River

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