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Report # 3483  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Dave T. on Friday, December 7, 2001.
Nighttime sighting outside farm house, west of Prairie Home (the town) near Pisgah Creek
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YEAR: 1975


MONTH: October

DATE: October 15

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Cooper County

LOCATION DETAILS: west of Prairie Home on Highway J. Not far after crossing Pisgah creek. Old farm house with separate yard from pasture.

NEAREST TOWN: Prairie Home

NEAREST ROAD: at mile marker 106 on I-70 go south on 87 --- not far from Pisgah Creek on Route 1.

OBSERVED: I was up getting a glass of water at about 11 PM. My folks were getting ready for bed, and that is what woke me up. We lived on a farm in rural Missouri, not far from the town of Prairie Home. We had a kitchen door that had a window in it that faced out to our carport. Beyond the carport was a two-acre field with trees at the far end. I got a glass of water---my back to the door---when I felt a presence. Well our nearest neighbor was over a 1/4 mile away, and I thought that maybe our cattle had strayed from our bigger parcel into the small 2-acre field. I moved my stool over to the door and got up on it. I cupped one of my hands to cut the glare from the kitchen light on the window. It was pitch black out. I turned on the carport light, and put my face back up to the window---it was still dark for a second or two when something stepped back from the door to allow the carport light to illuminate the situation. The thing that stepped back from the window was very tall---much taller than the standard height of a door---it had been so close to the door that it was blocking all the light from the carport. I screamed, and dropped the water that I had in one hand. The thing outside my door looked right, then left, stepped back a couple of steps---then turned and ran across the carport---and through the field into the woods that bordered it. It was a couple hundred feet from the carport to the tree line, and I saw exactly where it entered the trees. It did not take long for it to reach the trees.
Before it ran---it was definitely looking right at me. It had very dark brown, and/or black hair. I could see the reflection of the light from the kitchen in its eyes. I do not remember seeing any white in the eyes. The face had some areas that showed dark skin, with tufts of hair sticking out or surrounding the face and head. I never saw any teeth. Its arms were much longer in proportion to humans. They seemed to hang to the knees. There was long hair at the wrists that seemed to hang down over the hands. When I saw a grizzly bear run later on in life---I thought that the way its hair “flopped” up and down was the way it did on the Mo Mo that I saw.

OTHER WITNESSES: Both of my parents came running when I freaked out in the kitchen. I was hysterical. They have never seen me act that way before or since. My dad did go outside to have a look, and there was a lingering foul odor in the air. We were raising chinchillas at the time, and they have a foul odor to begin with so my dad just thought it was from them (they were in a building only 15 feet from the door). The next day however, we could see were something had moved through the field towards the trees. The grass was over a foot tall, and there was a definite trail that could be seen. There were no footprints---I think because of the length of the grass that was tromped down.

OTHER STORIES: I have since heard stories of a creature referred to as Mo Mo or Missouri monster. Since that day I saw it I have read a lot on the subject.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear night. Typical fall in Missouri. Somewhere after 10:30 p.m. There was some light from the moon (although not full I think).

ENVIRONMENT: Rolling farmland with trees, and creeks. Forested except where pastures lay. Lots of ponds with fish.

Follow-up investigation report:

Dave T. was rather young when he had his experience but his memories are many and the shock of knowing that he was inches away from this creature on the other side of the door as it was looking in at him was traumatic.

Regarding additional details of what he saw, there were some light limitations as the creature was initially between the door and the carport light. As it stepped back, he was able to catch the profile of the face and body and as it left he caught an illumination of the right side as it left for the woods. In general he thought it was a mature older animal and male in appearance by the lack of female secondary sexual characteristics.

Regarding the face of the sasquatch, it had long hair from the top of its head to the brow which appeared furrowed. Lots of wrinkles on the face which in corrrespondance to the body, seemed to make the creature look much older than an individual at its peak. Not gaunt, but more elderly looking.
The body was lanky, not particularly barrel chested. Dave emphasized the hair on the body and face being of two types. There was what he remembers as a reddish cast to the face. He mentioned an area on the cheeks with long wispy hair that looked like a mustache out of place. He also remembers a hand as the creature left and compared it to a hand that was not fat but one with good bone structure and after looking through different primate images afterwards, he thought it compared to an orangutan hand with long fingers. It also may have shown a pigmentation line between the dorsal and ventral areas.

Besides the above details, Dave mentioned that the farm was approximately 3.5 miles from the Missouri River. He grew up hearing noises in the woods that nobody could explain which he now wonders if the origin was this creature or others of its kind. Perhaps one of the more interesting mysteries was the missing chinchilla food... someone or something took many bags of it from cages that had locking mechanisms.

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