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Report # 35031  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, April 12, 2012.
Possible encounters while fishing at a lake near Easton
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YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kittitas County



OBSERVED: I was fly fishing by a lake in WA. I was all alone. I was setting up my camp I got bored and started singing softly. A short time later I started smelling what smelled like dirty cat litter. I thought that was really odd after a while I just ignored it. Then I started breaking the big branches to make my fire. After breaking the really big branches I heard a loud very loud knock. I thought that was odd because I was the only one around I was high up. So I thought maybe that was a bear coming down a tree or something. So after that I did some screams to try to scare it away. So I started my fire I had some meat out by the fire. After a while I started hearing whistles I was like what the heck I never heard a bird like that. Mind you Iím in the mountains a lot so when that happened I started to be on my guard. I also lived in Yosemite for 9 months. After cooking one pork chop I had one still laying on the rock beside me. I started hearing rustling in the trees behind me so I grabbed my bear spray. I went to go check it out and didnít see a bear. So I went back to camp didnít think about anymore. After I was done with my dinner a big rock came crashing by almost hitting my car. I thought it was just a rock falling from a cliff. Then I started thinking about it thereís no cliffs by me what the heck! So I started screaming to scare it away. I did that for a minute or two then relaxed for a bit. Then another big rock was thrown so I got really pissed off and started really yelling. Then I thought my mind is just playing tricks so I ignored it. Then maybe 20, 30 minutes later a really big rock was thrown. When that happened again I knew it wasnít my mind playing games with me. So I was thinking is this really happening? A couple of minutes passed another rock thrown. So I started to yell again then I heard a really angry loud whoop sound like I never heard before. I could feel it inside me it was that loud like you were at a concert or something. I got really scared and drove away.

ALSO NOTICED: I always felt like i was being watched when I go there

TIME AND CONDITIONS: right before dawn

ENVIRONMENT: I was camping next to the creek

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

I spoke to the witness by phone on 4/19/12 and he provided more details of this encounter and a possible sighting from the week before, in the same area.

The witness states that he goes to this location almost every weekend of the summer, beginning in June when the mountain streams open for fishing. He states that he has never seen another person in this area. He added to this report that as he was running back to his car, he heard loud noises in the bushes on both sides of the road, keeping pace and paralleling him. He said the noises ceased when he was within eyesight of his car.

He said that he had left all his camping equipment when he fled and upon returning the next week, found his camp '"messed up" and his food stock missing.

The witness recalled that the week before he was in the same location and fishing a small lake just as the sun was setting. He says that he looked across the lake (a distance estimated at 100 yards) and saw a brown colored bear in a tree looking directly at him. He states that as the light was fading he shone a small flashlight and the "bears" eyes reflected back a bright, lime-green color. As we talked he reflected back on the bear incident and stated that he remembered thinking at the time that the bear looked unusual and that "if it was a bear it was among the biggest" he had ever seen and "would have had to weigh at least 600 pounds." He concluded that he thought "bear" at the time but believes that isn't what he was looking at, given the shape of the head and the face.

I believe this witness may well have seen Bigfoot on the trip the week prior to this incident and did get escorted from the area on the trip described in this report. Also, really large bears seldom climb trees and certainly not to gain a better view of an object 100 or more yards away, as they can't see any detail at that distance anyway. The witness is very sincere in his telling of being scared out of the woods and his voice affects a lot of emotion still, when re-telling the story.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

Rob is a life-long resident of Washington state, currently residing in Snohomish County. A daylight face-to-face encounter in 1969 started him on the path to discovery and led him to working with John Green, Dick Grover, and others throughout the 1970's, taking reports and conducting investigations. His interest in all things Bigfoot, has been greatly piqued over the last decade by what he believes to be either evolutionary developments or significant behavioral changes from those reported in the 60's and before. His interests are mainly in Washington State where he is attempting to pattern the movements and behaviors of Sasquatch.

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