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Report # 35459  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 20, 2012.
Early morning sighting on US 59 near Poteau
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 15

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Le Flore County


NEAREST ROAD: Co road 133

OBSERVED: I was driving down highway 59 from Heavener to Poteau. I turned right on co road 133 and about 100 ft onto the street on the right side of the road was a huge figure standing bout 7ft+ on the side of the road kind of hunched over and I guess when it saw my lights it spooked em cause it ran off into the trees I slowed down to see what it was don't know where it went after that cause it spooked me.

ALSO NOTICED: There was a loud growl when I slowed down to see what it was

OTHER WITNESSES: It was just me

OTHER STORIES: Not that I'm aware of

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night and to me it was pretty clear

ENVIRONMENT: There is a bunch of trees on both sides of the road and a big pasture to the right and the highway turnoff lanes to the left.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Joel T.:

After meeting SR he drove the two of us to the location, which is less than a half mile from Carl Albert State College. Here are a few other things my investigation has brought to light. 

SR was on his way home from working a over night shift at work, driving north. The animal was spotted on the left side of the road moving to his right or east at a slight angle away. He was adamant on the height of the animal. It was a dark brown/black with long hair covering the entire body. It had no neck. He also described a hunched over gliding walk with arms swinging. He was unable to make any facial features out. And it only took 3-4 steps to go from ditch to ditch. He tried to reproduce this for me and it took 7-8 steps to achieve the same distance at the same angle it traveled. There was a clear open spot in the tree/fence line where it disappeared. On the other side of this fence/tree line is a pretty large field with wooded areas surround the field on nearly all sides.  The fence is a standard 3 strand bob wire fence. As SR approached the spot where he seen the animal cross he heard a very loud growl. When asked about the growl he described it as like a bear growl or roar but much louder and a little different. He was going very slow with all four windows down and the radio was off as he looked to see where the animal had gone or if it was still there.

SR seems to be a very credible witness. Who has never really ever given much thought to the existence of Bigfoots.  He is a hard working family man who wants to stay anonymous. 

About BFRO Investigator Joel T.:

Joel grew up in and around the outdoors all his life. He has been hunting and fishing since he was very young. Joel was born in Northern California and has lived in Arkansas, Texas, and now resides in SE Oklahoma. He has had a fascination with the Bigfoot phenomena since he was a young boy in Northern California.

He has been on the 2011 Oklahoma expedition, 2011 Oklahoma private expedition, 2012 Arkansas Expedition, and many private outings in Oklahoma and Arkansas. He also conducts his own research in SE Oklahoma.

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