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Report # 3731  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 6, 2002.
Child watches fawn being chased near Canadian River
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YEAR: 1992


MONTH: October

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Pontotoc County

LOCATION DETAILS: One Half mile east of S.Canadian River,heavily wooded area, a lot of deer and other game. Several creeks running from here to river.


NEAREST ROAD: State Highway 99

OBSERVED: I was eight years old and we just moved to the country, that had lots of wood all around the house. We had a little camper I played in. I had several chihuahuas and a rottwieller. Well one day I was playing in the camper and the dogs were barking running just a little ways from were I was. I decided to follow them. What came after was cute. It was a little fawn. I was going to chase it but [I saw] this huge, smelly, 8 foot tall, red mud clay color thing (as little as I was I thought it was a tall man until I hollered hey who are you. He looked at me and his face was so ugly and scary I knew then he wasnt a man. He stepped right over a 5'5 fence. The little fawn ran right under it. He didnt catch fawn. I was in shock and I couldnt speak so my dad told me to draw what I saw. He said it look similar to a Sasquatch. That deer season my dad was deer hunting. He had a deer right next to him. He was about to shoot him and he heard something coming toward him the buck ran off. Dad stood up and yelled you scared my deer off your on my land. He heard a high pitched sound like a lion and a bull mixed together and heard branches breaking over his head. He ran to the house and got both my brothers, they each got a gun. My mom called the sheriff and he thought it was a prank but they sent a deputy anyway when he heard those sounds he said call me if you kill it and left. Now it was dark the sun had set so they gave up. The rest of the night it paced back and forth making that high pitch sound.

ALSO NOTICED: He killed two goats missing. He usually comes back every deer season in the fall.

OTHER WITNESSES: Seeing was just me. Hearing was my mom, dad, both brothers,and sister, deputy, grandpa, both aunts.

OTHER STORIES: Around the corner where my grandma lives they heard something digging in their trash. And the smell was like sewage.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Afternoon Sunny, no wind.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded lots of deer. Creek bottom near the river. He standing in a wash. When you go to the river there is a hole in the big drainage system. It smelled just like him. Its as tall as he is.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked to the witness about her encounter and that of her father. She told me of the experiences in a matter-of-fact manner. Her encounter as a child with the tall, hairy, "red as clay mud" animal changed her life.

The family believed that the animal stayed near their property; they would often smell an odor that they attributed to it.

The witness told me that she remembered her father attempting unsuccessfully to bait and trap the animal with a deer carcass. Her father hung a deer in a tree and used a cowbell as an alarm; he found only the legs of the deer in the tree the next morning.

The witness said that sounds have been heard often, but since the visual encounters that she and her father had in 1992, they have not seen the animal again. She did tell me that her aunt supposedly saw a bigfoot at the end of the driveway years ago.

In last few years, there has been construction in the area, and it does not seem as remote as it once was, nor have they heard or seen anything that they would consider to be related to the animal.

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