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Report # 38122  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, December 9, 2012.
Nighttime sighting outside a residence north of Hayes Cemetery near Grayson
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 8th of dec

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Rowan County

LOCATION DETAILS: When you reach the city of Morehead KY stay on us 60 East going out of town like your going to Grayson



OBSERVED: I was home alone at the time watching t.v in the living room when i got a phone call from a family member that lives on the hill behind me saying my cousin's girlfriend had heard the screams. which I had heard before a few times actually. I muted the t.v and went out on the porch to see if i could hear it. i noticed that the dogs that normally barking were unusually quiet. My cousin said why don't you do a call to see if you can get a response. So I did a howl and got no response i stood on my porch for about 10 minutes and figured if there was a bigfoot in the area it probably moved on by then. I was just about to go back in the house when I noticed something moving behind a large pine tree that stands in our yard. I stood there for a moment because I thought the chickens might be roosting in the tree when I seen the sasquatch peek around the tree. I saw it and it saw me, our eyes met and he stepped out from behind the tree I ran inside but watched through the open door it kept watching me, then in 3 large steps was across the road and faded into the darkness. It had long brown hair. I measured where it stood after. and where its head was, using the pine tree for scale, I measured ten feet 2 inch tall there was one foot print in the yard I didn't have any casting supplies so I took a picture of it and measured the foot print at 17 inches. I know what I saw I feel very privileged to have seen it.

ALSO NOTICED: I've heard them scream whoop and howl a few times up here my family has heard them also (before)

OTHER WITNESSES: Well my mom didn't see the same one I saw but she did see a smaller sasquatch running across the road from a small dog not very far at all from my encounter

OTHER STORIES: Yeah I mean we are close to the Daniel Boone national forest so there's been a few over the years my mom seen a teen squatch running from a small dog that was chasing it I think it was just being curious and got surprised by the dog mom had her head lights on it and said it scared her so she ran inside

TIME AND CONDITIONS: My sighting happened at around 10:10 or 10:15 at night. I live in a pretty wooded area, lighting was pretty good because of the light pole that stands at the edge of my yard I got a pretty good look. It was slightly raining but not hard just a drizzle.

ENVIRONMENT: Well theres lots of forest all around my house I set directly in between two large mountains or ridges

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B. Sipley:

After speaking with the witness, I was able to get more details about his experience:
-There was a light, misty rain coming down
-He was approximately fifty to seventy feet away from where the animal was standing
-It was peaking out from behind a tree
-There was a street light approximately fifty feet to the witness' right
-The animal did a couple of back and forth peeks from behind the tree where it was standing
-After approximately one minute, the animal took three strides up a hill and out of view

Witness was able to add the following description of the animal:
-Approximate height of ten feet two inches based on nearby limb
-Possibly weighed over 900 pounds
-It was about four and half feet wide based on the width of the tree it was standing next to
-Stood upright
-Barrel-chested with some muscle definition
-Long torso with arms being twice as long as the legs
-Cone shaped head
-Large forehead
-Dark skin
-Large upper lip
-Flat, wide nose
-Facial hair resembling a beard
-No neck, head seemed to sit on shoulders
-Coat was matted light brown hair with human-like qualities that almost appeared to be dreadlocks
-Hair hung approximately 6 inches below arms and hands
-Odor of wet deer and feces

About BFRO Investigator B. Sipley:

B. Sipley has had a lifelong interest in the outdoors and grew up along the Appalachian Trail. He is an experienced camper, hiker and mountain biker who has traveled all over the US in the pursuit of these activities.
He attended the following expeditions:
2012 BFRO West Virginia
2012 Tennessee - private
2012 West Virginia - private
2012 Kentucky - private
2013 BFRO Florida
2013 BFRO Kentucky
2013 West Virginia - private
2013 Kentucky - private
2013 Indiana - private
2013 Ohio - private
2013 Georgia -private
2013 BFRO West Virginia

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