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Report # 38339  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 17, 2012.
Possible nighttime activity at a rural home near Rayville
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YEAR: 2012


MONTH: November

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Ray County

LOCATION DETAILS: This happened near Rayville, Mo. From the town of Richmond MO go west on MO 10 for about 4.5 miles and then turn down Rayville RD (RR C) for about around 6 miles till you get to Orr road. This is a gravel road. Follow it till you reach 144th street where my friend's house is and where I heard what I heard.

NEAREST TOWN: Rayville, Missouri

NEAREST ROAD: a county road on the opposite side of where I heard and RR C about a mile or so away

OBSERVED: First off I would like to say that I am not one to normally see much of anything, I am a believer in the possibility of many things but rarely see them. In this instance, again I didn't so much see anything as hear it.
The first incident took place in the middle of November of 2012. It was in a rural area of Missouri outside the city of Rayville. The area is a mix of farm and woodland. It was approximately 9pm when I drove to a friend's house. As I was walking from my car to his door I noticed what sounded like someone or something big walking about 30 or 40 yards away from me in the woods. It was just beyond the range of what I could see into the woods. When I stopped walking it stopped walking and when I started to walk it began again. It was only about a 40 foot walk to the door and I walked slowly as I tried to figure this out. About half way I stopped to think and it stopped once more. From what I heard it was a sound of only 2 feet walking and was large. It didn't sound at all like a 4 foot creature like a deer. I went in to tell my friend but when we came out there was no sound. About a week later I came out again and was walking to the door and jokingly called out "are you there bigfoot?" and laughed to myself. As I approached the door something flew out of the woods and hit my friends car. Later in the evening when I left, in the distance I heard dogs going crazy and the sound of something large screaming. It has been several weeks since I last heard anything but my friend says he too has heard the sound of something walking in the woods. I have thought about if it was a person possibly playing a joke but no one knew I was going there. Thought about it being another animal but it sounded too big to be a deer. It has me extremely curious so I would love some feedback and your thoughts. As I say I am not one quick to jump to conclusions and tend to be the first to look for other causes to things.

ALSO NOTICED: On several occasions when out at the area I have noticed that in the distance something is disturbing dogs as they seem stirred up many nights especially late when most the farmers that might be near are already asleep.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only one to hear this

OTHER STORIES: My friend has mentioned that a man near him claims to have seen a possible bigfoot looking in his window

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1rst around 9pm
2nd around 10:30pm
Last around 12am

ENVIRONMENT: This area is mixed wooded area near to farmland and the country road 144. The woods can be fairly dense in places here and there is a small creek running between where the house and the woods are. The area has many fairly larger wooded areas and a lot of game in them. It can be very hilly through out. An old logging road startes in my friends drive and continues into the woods and is overgrown it lies

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

I spoke with witness. Story is as he told it here with a few additional items. Object thrown at his buddy's car was a piece of wood about a foot long and a few inches in diameter, a tree limb or branch. The other item he mentioned is that there is a cave about a mile from his friend's house that they have been curious about, yet they have only gone in a very short distance. This location is just a 30-40 minute drive from my home, and I have been in that area many times on business. I will be visiting him and his friend, at their invitation, after the first of the year. He seems sincere, precise, and has asked me to come out anytime. He is familiar with all wildlife, and knows the difference between 2 and 4 legged gaits. I have no reason to doubt his account(s). He also made note that as he was being paralleled, the woods were absolutely sounds of any other wildlife were present.

The Crooked River Conservation Area is just north of the location.

About BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

Carter is originally from Texas & moved to Missouri in 1988. Professional drummer for 20 years. Improv & sketch comic and writer for 5 years. Lighting technician for major touring groups for several years. Experienced outdoorsman and was a trained investigator for MUFON. Studied Herpetology in college. Longtime special interest in Sasquatch long term habituation, burial research, infra sound, language & stick structures. He led three Missouri BFRO Public Expeditions:, 2012 & 2013 & 2014. Led public expedition for BFRO in Illinois in 2019.Participated in Iowa, 2012 Illinois. Michigan 2016. Private Expeditions: Illinois 2011, 2012, 2013. Missouri 2011, 2012 (3) 2013(2) 2014. Iowa 2012, 2014 & 2015. Consulted on two Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot TV shows. Expedition leader in Missouri 2013 (1) & 2014 (2) & Illinois Expedition 2019 (1). Led night ops on numerous BFRO expeditions. Hosted a public Town Hall meeting in Missouri in 2017.

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