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Report # 38873  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.
Dusk sighting in the middle of the road by a husband and wife while driving outside Cedartown
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Summer


DATE: saturday

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Polk County

LOCATION DETAILS: Old Rockmart Rd between Rome and Cedartown Ga off of Hwy 101 and Hwy 278.

NEAREST TOWN: Cedartown / Rockmart / Rome

NEAREST ROAD: Hwy 101 / Hwy 278

OBSERVED: Last year during the summer my wife and I were leaving work. We were riding together in my car leaving the Cedartown Ga airport where we skydive. It was about 7:00 7:30 in the evening the sun was starting to set, not dark but getting there. We were driving down Old Rockmart Rd headed to Rome Ga where we live. Old Rockmart Rd is the back way home about 15 miles long surrounded by woods, trees, fields, and pastures. My wife and I were talking back and forth about the day just driving home. Its starting to get dark and as we come to a straight away about a half a mile long with pastures on both sides of us fenced in, I see something big and black in front of us about 10 to 20 yards in my lane of the road I thought it was a cow so i slammed on the brakes at that time this figure (BIGFOOT) stood up from a crouched position standing about 8ft tall with long black hair turned and looked at us. I think the brakes squealing scared it, but it looked at us, the lights shined right on him. He covered his face from the head lights, he took about 2 steps into the side of the road where there was a fence post about 5 to 6 feet tall, put his left hand on the fence post and easily hopped over the fence and took off. Our windows were down, it made no sound plus couldn't hear over the sound of the car. But I could smell something dead or garbage, it smelled bad. He was about 8 feet tall and way bigger than a cow. But this was not a cow, I know what I saw, he was on two feet walking and hopped a fence and ran toward the woods. I was shocked at what I saw and so was my wife. This is my second sighting of bigfoot in the same state about 40 miles from my first sighting. My wife and i were speechless for about 15min. I could see his face looked human but wasn`t, he was all black but face and hands looked like dark grey, his hair was all black long and matted, had dark eyes and very strong massive arms and legs.

ALSO NOTICED: nothing found but it smelled real bad. wet dog/garbage, dead animal smell.


OTHER STORIES: a few but not much other than my first sighting in Paulding County Ga when i was younger.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: sunset almost dark but could still see good.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest trees, pastures , mountains surrounding areas.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Morris Collins:

I met the witness who is a law enforcement professional and followed him to the sighting location just north of the intersection of Old Collard Valley Road and Old Fish Creek Road. There is a residence about 100 yards south of where the sighting took place. Photos taken at the location:

The witness and his wife were heading north on Old Fish Creek Rd. He topped a small rise and saw a large animal in the middle of the road. As this area is composed of dairy/cattle farms, he thought it was a cow on the road. He applied his brakes quickly as his head lights illuminated the animal. The animal stood up and brought its right arm up to cover its face. He stated that the bicep was large enough to completely cover the face. The animal took two strides to the east where it placed its left hand on a large fence post and stepped over the fence in a single step, see photo:

The witness drove past and turned around and returned to the spot where he oriented his car to shine his head lights into the field. He never saw the creature again.

He described in detail the musculature of the chest, shoulders, arms and legs. The head was sloped back and came to a point; not rounded like a person with a very prominent ridge across the forehead area and over the eyes. He could not see ears due to shaggy hair completely covering the head except around the eyes and nose. He described the nose as large and wide yet pushed in.

He repeatedly said it was massive. He estimated based on his height of 5' 11" that the animal was 8 feet tall and the shoulders were 4 feet across. He described the color as very dark, almost black. The hair appeared 6-7 inches long with the coarseness of a horse's tail or mane. He described the hair under the arms, across the buttocks area and along the legs as matted such as a long haired dog that had not been groomed. He related that he had all the windows in the car down and when stopped, both could smell a very offensive odor akin to a very dirty dog combined with severe body odor.

He related his story to friends but was teased and due to his profession, he has told no one in months. After watching the Finding Bigfoot show, he went to the BFRO website and submitted a sighting report.

Based on his description and his background as a law enforcement professional with superb observational skills, I am confident in saying that he saw an adult, male Bigfoot. The area is not far from other sighting reports in south Floyd County. The surroundings are all large cattle farms or corn fields, interconnected with areas of dense scrub and hardwoods. There are multiple water sources in the area as well as a thriving deer population.

This witness also had a sighting as a youth, see Report #38870.

About BFRO Investigator Morris Collins:

Morris holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Auburn University and additional coursework toward an MBA in International Business. He is an avid backpacker and SCUBA diver. Morris attended Georgia 2006, 2008, 2009 & 2011; North Carolina 2006 and SC 2007 expeditions. He is a member of the SE BFRO Tracking Team and has completed a first course in visual tracking.

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